…make a cathedral of him, my Saint of the Stars; or, poetry and people!hangovers and general shenanigans

So, yeah, I disappeared (sorta), but at least now, it’s sorta being a regimented sort of disappearance.

Although I totally forgot to turn on my phone for the last couple of days and should totally do that.  And look at Facebook.  And do something other than write poetry, contemplate art, and read fic.

Okay, Gnome would totally argue that the Sunday marathon of Prezie presentation counted and guest lecturing for his Humanities class yesterday totally counted as doing work.  I am difficult to convince at the best of times.

But, yeah, yesterday was my semesterly guest lecture for Gnome’s Humanities class:  Art in the 20th & 21st centuries goes collectively wiggy

I basically was a spastic fuckwit at his class for nearly 3 hours.  I didn’t know I had it in me, honestly.  Longest lecture (well, not-lecture ’cause it was a lot more like “Look at how coo this stuff is!” and “Look how the world changed art, and art changed the world!” So, yeah.) I’ve ever given.  <–It’s basically a presentation that frames art in the 20th and 21st centuries and then deconstructs traditional notions of what art is and can be and reconstructs contemporary art via a number of criteria that allows the audience (or artist or whatever) decide for themselves what is art and what isn’t art, no longer reliant on outmoded ideas and the Art World.

‘Cause I’m a bamf that way.  Really, I like to think, and I think that, a lot of times, we all just kinda–accept what the Art World tells us is “art.”

Basically, doing that presentation (because I always like to freshen it up, and this time, I decided that it really should be a Prezie so that it was easier for Gnome’s students to get a hold of–although, hopefully the nice people that have been looking at it don’t think I’m completely out of my mind ’cause it’s all kinds of strange) meant that most of Sunday was spent working on it (because I have a genetic predisposition towards procrastinating combined with an ADHD-short-attention-span, and technology simply does not go fast enough–if it doesn’t go at the speed of my brain–the speed of thought–it’s too slow, and my body is a craptastic medium through which to work; really, can’t I just hook my brain up directly to the internet all Serial Experiments Lain-or-Tommyknockers-esque?).

And, then yesterday, was the presentation.

The Sunday before last I demo-ed/exhibited at this Art and Mental Health thing (see above:  ADHD plus depression and anxiety and a myriad of other nonsense), so that was hours and hours of me trying not to freak horribly and talk about my work and demo spinning (because it gives me something to hide behind) and listening to something that should have really been about art therapy or how the creative mind finds ways to deal with mental health issues and, instead, sounded like a freakin’ AA meeting with added art and bipolar-flavored sprinkles.

It–was not “fun.”  Actually, that’s an understatement, but if I helped to raise awareness?

So, yeah.  There’s probably another post coming up about the poetry I’ve been writing and the yarn I’ve been spinning, but not today.


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