spinning demo not-instructional video

So, yeah, last week I had that opening at the ARTgarage, and I decided that, since I was there and everything demo-ing, I would go ahead an make on of my not-instructional videos for it.

This is what I ended up spinning during the night (It’s not really done yet, but yeah, it’s well on it’s way.)

So.  Not-instructional video.  <–Please forgive my cinematographer; he’s still getting a handle on it.

 Yep.  That’s me and my wheel.  It’s exciting, yeah?

In other news, I got my acceptance(?) letter for NWTC’s ArtWalk thing.

Please note the question mark.  No where in the letter was it clear that this was in any way, shape, or form an acceptance letter.  So, really, it was “Here’s when to have your stuff here to be judged, and judge you we will.” letter.


Okay.  I’m out.  I’m going to go see Skyfall at the Cheap.


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