Drive-by Post: Tomorrow (er, TODAY) is ArtiGras! *\o/*

Yes!  Tomorrow Today is the start of ArtiGras in Green Bay!

I’m gonna be spinning with the rest of the Traveling Treadlers Fiber Guild, so y’all should come by and see us all!  There’ll be fiber and yarn and things made out of yarn and maybe some baskets and some of the weird little things that I make in the vain attempts to scrape out a living.

Like, this little guy:

A little clutch of these guys are going with me as well as some little plot bunnies, some tea snugs, snug sheaths (i.e., fiber versions of coffee sleeves), and a fuckton of art yarn–all of it very, very weird yarn.

Also, casual reminder that my show is up until March 31st, and I will be posting things about the reception later this weekend/early next week. <–I spent all week getting ready for ArtiGras, so I’m behind.  Surprise, yeah?

See y’all this weekend!


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