I really, really have had the worst case of exhaustion-related-to-teaching flakiness to ever happen this week. I just can’t. I’m so mad about it.

Luckily, the things that absolutely needed to be finished were completed (a little late but in no way that was more-than-slightly inconveniencing for anyone but me).


But!  In all of this, I’ve been developing a couple new series including predator-prey, which is a corollary series to the unnamed friends series; eloi, which was a series I started back in art school and had largely abandoned (but it was inspired by Stargate:  Atlantis and its obsession with Frank Lloyd Wright); scales and method, which is  an investigation and return to fundamentals and principles that we learn in art school; and something I’ve been referring to as “studio waste” which is still in it’s infant stages, and I’m not certain how or what I’m actually going to be doing with it.

It exists though.

I’m also wandering back into Artist Journals with a series of embroidered, mixed media journals.  We’ll see how that goes.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, evidently teaching actually can spawn ideas for me?  Who knew?

So, the first of the predator-prey series.

predator-prey: Khnum
digital painting
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame
predator-prey: Stiles
digital painting
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame
predator-prey: All Hail the Mighty Glow Cloud
digital painting
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame
predator-prey: Kodoma
digital painting
Katrina (‘Trie) Blasingame

I’m sorry if y’all have seen them before; they’ve just suddenly decided that they are their own series, so I’m having to shuffle around the designated brain-space for them.

But, the concept behind them–so far–is:

A corollary of the unnamed friends series. While predator-prey shares similar ecology to the unnamed friends series, the predator-prey series is more focused on the potential hybridity of chimeric creatures and non-realistic representations of the natural world.

Of course, because this is me, a lot of this is happening through visual culture products like tv and movies in addition to fairytale structures.

So, yeah.

Also, don’t forget y’all, that I do that thing related to writing over at The Rainbow Hub, so if y’all need more of my spaz in your lives, you have a place to get that fix.


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