*drags tentacles in*

So–yeah.  I’ve not been around.


One of the big ones is all the writing I’ve been doing for The Rainbow Hub, especially since I have a new series starting next week called “Libertine Ladies.”  It’s kinda like the literature and media answer to the “BAMF Women Superheroes” series, except about–villains?

Here’s our promo:

There’s a video around here somewhere, but I can’t for the life of me remember where it was.  I’ll find it!

Yeah, but for some reason, November is ridiculously busy and throw in that I’m still on my ancient-upon-ancient laptop.  Not only is it NaNoWriMo, but it was also the beginning of the new Quarter.  And, there was the Meet the Artist/Quarter Opening, and Gallery Nite’s coming up, and I have three freaking meeting tomorrow plus Guild, and then, there’s another Guild Thursday, and I’m–

I’m kinda legitimately done with the universe.

I had a really bad night at the Opening last week and the week before that when I installed because other exhibitors were being–less than kind, and yeah, I suck.  I’m an elitist snob, but I’m never actually cruel about it.

Actually, I never say anything negative to the other exhibitors.  I do kinda complain in the direction of people who I know feel the same way, but none of us would ever give any indication that we were less-than-supportive.

These are not people that respond well to concrit or conversations that don’t revolve around how amazing their work is.

I decided that, since I was behind in everything in the universe, I’d display some pieces from my chimera series since they really haven’t been shown outside of End of Semester Critiques or small things at Columbia, so why the hell not, right?

Especially since I’ve ceased giving any fucks about whether I sell anything ever (because, let’s face it, I live near Green Bay) or being situated within the local scene remotely.

I’m a little cranky about the art scene lately?  Theoretically, I’ll feel better after the Community Arts Meeting tomorrow?

But, yeah, these are my friends that are up:

It is extraordinarily difficult to take pictures of the installation where they’re at.  There’s another wall, like, right there.

left to right:
chimera: Alice and chimera: Gryphon (or Griffin depending on how I’m feeling that day)
mixed media assemblage
katrina (‘trie) blasingame
chimera: Alice
chimera: Griffin

And, because they really don’t all fit in the same picture:

left to right:
chimera: Gretel and chimera: Hansel
mixed media assemblage
katrina (‘trie) blasingame
chimera: Gretel
chimera: Hansel

So, literally, I had a photographer, who photographs kinda meh landscapes, say to me just as I finished my install “Three dimensional work.  That’s different.”

And, not in the excited \o/ sorta way but like my work might contaminate his work.  Just–IDEK.

At our Quarter Opening, I had this woman–who makes these pretty pictures of I’m not even certain but they look like scarpebooking papers?–ask me where my work was (I was demo-ing and not–exactly–near my work) and when I told her say “you mean you don’t have any art up.”

And–I just kinda lost it.  I managed not to yell at her or say dispariging thing about her work, so we’ ll call it god, except it’s not remotely good and this is just adding to my OMG I AM SO DONE.


I do have some very nice people coming to my rescue–other artists who have been through the same fuckery.


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