Creative LGBTQIA/GSM Community Advertisement Boosting

So, my amazing Boss over at The Rainbow Hub is doing this thing for the winter holiday season that’s promoting LGTBQIS/GSRM creators and producers.

If you fit the bill and you wanna participate, here’s the info directly from the Tumblr post:

So we’re near the winter holiday season! People are buying things! Members of the LGBTQIA/GSM community make things people buy! YAY!

In an effort to give our community a boost, we’re setting up a section, accessible at the top of the site menu, to help promote our community folks who do things. Whether it’s art, jewelry, clothing, writing, music, etc… if you create it, we’d like to give you some free advertisement during the Holiday buying season.

For anyone interested in participating, send us an email at along with the name you want to be listed under, as well as your online shop (Etsy, eBay, Smashwords, a personal blog… whatever you use) information and a photo/sample of your work to put up.

Signal boosting is always appreciated, and helps draw visitors to help our members out.

WE CHARGE ABSOLUTELY NO REFERRAL FEES. This is our way of trying to give our community a boost in their creative endeavors.

Happy creating!

This is an amazing opportunity to get your work seen/read/listened too and support other LGTBQIA/GSRM creators and producers.


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