wow, too long.

so, yeah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.  sorry.  THINGS.

photo 2 (1)

okay, for those of you that don’t speak squid, the last couple-three weeks were spent in a combination of cleaning out my studio at the ARTgarage (for reasons), writing like 4-5 articles a week plus doing the video review things, recording projecTransparency vids, co-hosting my first ever podcast, and fighting up the steep learning curve that is ALL THINGS ADOBE.

and patreon.  have i mentioned i have a patreon?


yep, i officially have Creative Cloud and am not VERY DANGEROUS.

(i’m currently working on another commission in photoshop.)

and, because of all of this, the blogging thing hasn’t been top of my list, and I AM VERY SORRY.

…i just spend a lot of time looking at darcy’s screen.


especially after several hours a day of video editing.  ALL OF MY FUSSBUDGET TENDENCIES COME OUT.

and, speaking of videos.

i’m sorry there’s a lot of them.  did i mention that i’ve been ears-deep in learning premiere?

so, now, i think y’all are caught up.  hopefully, soon, studio posts will become more–studio-oriented.


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