ennui, flop-bunnies, and the pop culture show

so, because of a slip-of-the-tongue in a video a week or so ago, i now have flop-bunnies.

and, because i’m a glutton for punishment, i’m participating in the Pop Culture Show at the ARTgarage in January.

this is the prototype:


 i think he’s kinda cute, yeah?

he’s soft, and i think that’s all we can really ask from out plushies.  i’m thinking that these little guys are gonna run about $5 each.  I’m also making fungoid owlets again so all the plushies?

they’re going to be previewed at the september definitely depere on the 12th.  <–i’ll be at great harvest bread co.

i’m also going to have new amazing posters and Sailor Moon buttons, which–if you keep reading–y’all’ll see what they look like.

but–the Pop Culture Show.  so far, i’m committed for three pieces:  a multi-canvas Sailor Moon polytypic that’s a little minimalist and a little graphic design; a art nouveau-inspired (and triangulated from Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon art) of the main seven characters from My Little Pony:  Friendship Is Magic; and a Funko-inspired Khoshekh from Welcome to Night Vale.

here are the roughs for the pieces (please note that the finished pieces might not remotely look like the roughs):

sailor moon group layout

banner style ponies



if i end up needing to come up with more pieces for the show–because it always seems like, when the ARTgarage has a show i participate in, i’m the one that picks up the slack for everyone else–i’ll probably do something with one of these:





honestly, it’ll probably be groot because groot.

if y’all have opinions, ya got until the beginning of december to make them known.

and, if y’all haven’t guessed, the studio is up and functioning again–since i’ve been in there sewing the last couple of days.


honestly, i’m in a bit of an epic ennui about arting and really wondering what the point and purpose of me doing art is anymore.  it’s not like i can really support myself doing the thing…or by writing…or by anything that i’m ostensibly “good” at.  and, it’s so difficult to get into shows–not because i don’t get accepted but because of money.

i was hoping that the patreon would help somewhat, but it’s not really.  and that’s as much because i’m not well-known nor do i have a large fan-base as anything else.

or–that’s a really good justification/excuse to keep telling myself.


videos!  because there are people who want to see me do anything with videos, yeah?

well, that about covers my existential angst and making habits of the last bit.




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