lootcrate, gallery nite, pretty deadly, and wicdiv

so–i’ve been busy again, especially since i just picked up reviewing several comic series for The Rainbow Hub:  Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue DeConnickThe Wicked + The Divine by Kieron GillenSex Criminals by Matt Fraction (who wrote Hawkeye), and Saga by Brain K. Vaughn (who wrote Runaways).

my Sex Criminals and Saga recap reviews come out later this week, but DECONNICK AND GILLEN BOTH REBLOGGED MY REVIEWS ON TUMBLR.

is this real life?!?!

(DeConnick also liked and retweeted my sketch of Deathface Ginny, so i’m just over the frickin’ moon right now.)


but, seriously, awsomeness of being reblogged aside, Pretty Deadly and WicDiv (their tag, go with it) are brilliant.  i adore them, and if you’re not reading them, why aren’t you?

GO READ THEM NOW.  this’ll all still be here when you’re done.

i also have gallery nite last thursday and demo-ed digital art since–well–since it was easy and the amount of fucks i have to give for the ARTgarage at the moment are few.

that’s probably mean of me.

but!  this is what i drew/painted:





so–gallery nite was less than productive despite drawing things, and i got guilted by the gallery manager, the president of the board, and the vice president of the board for not having a studio anymore.

because they really noticed what i did when i was there.


but!  lootcrate came too, so pretty galactic-themed things that you can see in the vids if that is a thing that makes you happy.

as always, places you can find me and my art and buy the things (or support tentacle-made studios if that’s the way your blood runs), can be found here:

*tentacle-made studios and projecTransparency’s Patreon

*remember that shirts and things are available over on tentacle-made studios’ redbubble.

*and, that tentacle-made studios has commission page!

tentacle-made studios everywhere:

and, in case y’all are really curious about what i write for The Rainbow Hub, y’all should check out my tag there.

okay, i’m gonna stop blathering and squeeing at y’all.  i have Welcome to Night Vale meta to write and a networking thing tomorrow as well as a new Sleepy Hollow review to write tomorrow.

so much busy.


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