and–i have a cold

and, about a million and four things to do.

i’m sorry that it’s bee so long, again; the boss has been hiring a swath of new writers for The Hub, and my editor duties went up as well as me being not in full control of my faculties and having added more articles to my list of writer duties, the continuation of sketch-a-day, preparing for the Pop Culture Show at the ARTgarage in january, and–because i needed more things to do–inktober.

and, nanowrimo’s coming up fast.

did i mention my sketchbook project is due in january too?

yep, i’m just brilliant.

why do i do this to myself?!?!?!

but, i have been making progress on one of my pieces for the Pop Culture show, at least.

khoschehk 18x24     IMG_0270

so, that’s coming along at least.

(i’m trying not to think about the 15-piece sailor moon polyptych based upon this

sailor moon group layout

or the 7-character my little pony piece based upon these

that i still need to do.



but, inktober’s been fun, and sketch-a-day has been producing some more interesting pieces:

and, yeah, there’s more videos over on my youtube channel, but a lot of them have been time-lapse videos–except the one where i meet sherman alexie:

(and, because i have no shame, here is my patreon.)

(commissions are a thing that exist too.)

so, yeah, bee-like.

if y’all have any thoughts on videos that should be made or drawings that should be draw or art that should be arted or–really–just thoughts on anything, let me know in the comments.


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