the holiday edition and WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT YEAR?!?!?!

because it’s still the holidays for some people, yeah?

so, once again, the universe has totally gotten away from me as far as the blogging thing goes; although, i’m currently caught up on my sketch-a-day project–WE’RE IN THE HOME STRETCH–and my projecTransparency videos…which have digressed into mostly time-lapse arting and unboxing videos because i have a show deadline that happens next week.

so, yeah, that gets a bit more in the way of priority.

that being said, though, WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT YEAR?!?!?!

seriously, the sketch-a-day has been really good for my drawing abilities, like, i actually am really enjoying drawing now rather than it being a form of note-taking, but should it be something i continue in 2015?  or should i take on a different project?

(NB:  i did start a twelve days of fandom christmas that i’ll be finishing out before i potentially abandon the sketch-a-day.)

should i do more videos?  do more blog posts?  make more art?  do another sketch-a-day?  take more photos?


tell me.

also, if i were to do more in the way of blogging, what would y’all be interested in? <–theoretically, after i’ve turned in everything for the Pop Culture Show, i’ll be a little less–whatever it is i’ve been being?

and, while y’all are thinking about this quandary, here’s what i’ve been making this month:

so, i just finished these little things today.  now, all i need to do is finish the my little pony piece by the 29th so that i can take the lot in on the 30th.

throughout the duration of december, i’ve been focusing the sketch-a-day on holiday-themed sketches–y’all can find the lot over here–but my favorites are these:

and, because the twelve days of christmas actually happens after christmas, i’m doing a twelve days of fandom christmas:  on the first day of christmas, my true love gave to me, hulk sitting on a pear tree.

but!  there’s also ALL THE TIME-LAPSE ART VIDEOS (and a few unboxing vids).  enjoy!

and, the unboxing vids.  (they’re so much more popular, which means seven to nine people watch them than the usual two.)

okay, i’m going to go find something to do rather than flailing incoherently at y’all.  remember to leave suggestions about what my project(s) for 2015 should be.


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