new year, POP! Comic, Manga, Grafitti exhibit at the ARTgarage (Green Bay), and new projects

or–more of the same.  who knows.

BUT!  happy new year (day 2), y’all.  we made it, which is something i wasn’t sure was going to happen.

*cues mountain goats*

(nb:  that video is way creepier than i was expecting.)

the POP! Comic, Manga, Grafitti exhibit goes up on Tuesday, January 6th, and the opening reception is January 9th from 5-8pm.  me and my art shall be in attendance.  (go here if you’d like a preview.)

so, projects.  

i seem to be keeping with the sketch-a-day in 2015?  (mostly because i’m in the middle of a 12 days of christmas thing at the moment.)

and, because it seems like a thing to do, here’s kind of a highlight compilation of the 2014 sketch-a-day.

i’m also going to up my blogging.  to twice a week?  (yeah, because if i manage once a month at the moment, i’m doing exceptionally well.)  okay, it legitimately might not be interesting in the slightest, but i’m gonna try.

projecTransparency et al. videos (and on tumblr) will continue to be a thing.  (hopefully, more interesting now that i’m not on a show deadline.)

and, a (not of my art) photo-a-day because that seems easy, yeah?

i’m also gonna try to write more things of a fictional nature, but who knows who that’s going to go.  so, this is a soft project.  second soft project is a digital piece a week.

these aren’t really resolutions because i don’t believe in resolutions because GUILT, but we’ll call them projects and goals, and if they stop being fun, we stop doing them.

organized recap without all my blather:

  1. project:  sketch-a-day 2015
  2. project:  twice-a-week blogging
  3. project:  projecTransparency videos
  4. project:  photo-a-day
  5. soft project:  write more fiction
  6. soft project:  digital painting a week

what are y’all doing for projects and goals and, yes, resolutions this year?


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