tomorrow’s the day! the happiest of of all days! the opening of the pop! show! \o/

so, yeah, for the millionth time, the pop! show’s reception is from 5-8pm tomorrow night at the ARTgarage in Green Bay.

come on by and see visual culture-oriented art–whether it’s graffiti or fanart or pop art–and have the chance to ask the artists what they were really thinking.

it’s like a game!  but, with booze!  it’s a booze-game!

…i might be kinda punchy right now?

i also thought, since there’s an opening and everything that i’m going to, that i’d just wait to do this week’s video until i could have, like, video of the opening…assuming i remember to take any.  I SHALL HAVE TO!

really, what could be more fun than footage of a bunch of artists (and no one else because ARTgarage and Green Bay and freakin’ January and snow and frigid) standing around, drinking, and trying to out art each other?

i’m not sure when i became so cynical about this entire thing?  i’m going to blame it on the tired again, okay?  okay.

however, we have begun epiphany (which is not a thing i celebrate), which means that my 12 days of christmas (which is also something that i do not celebrate) drawings are complete.

here they are in all of their collective glory:

on the 12th day of christmas, my true love gave to me–12 lords a timing,

11 BAMF women superheroing,

10 fluffltpuffs *thppppt*-ing,

9 teens a wolfing,

9 ponies friending,

7 horcruxes.

6 avengers,


4 teen titans,

3 hawkeyes,

2 koopa troopa,

and a hulk sitting on a pear tree.

yes, the jokes are bad.  sorry-not-sorry.

okay, now that i’ve annoyed y’all with this, imma gonna go do something else.


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