re: the pop! show, studio spaces, and residencies

so–i may have, on the downlow, made a vidlet of the opening for those of you who couldn’t be there.

and, because, i just didn’t manage to do much liveblogging of the event because–omg–i had managed to block out what openings (even tiny openings like this one) are like–especially when you’re much smaller than everyone else around you.

seriously, look at the angles of the video.  i am the tiniest thing compared to, like, everyone except for gnome and Kelly.

but, the opening was–okay.  some of the art was really neat and some was okay, so ya know, a typical opening if ever there was one.

the trick is, though–i’m thinking about getting my old studio back.

yes, i know, and everything that i have said still holds true, but all of the reasons that i had a studio at the ARTgarage to begin with still holds true too:  that i have a tendency to isolate myself to the point where i don’t see anyone except for gnome and the cat for days.

and, that having a studio–and, therefore, wall space that needed to be filled in the gallery and changed out every three months–meant that i also got more actual work done…which sounds like i’m saying illustration and digital art are not art, which they are, but i’m a mixed media sculptor, so i feel kinda weird when i don’t makes something, ya know, sculptural in a while?

so–that’s what’s going on.  i’ll keep y’all apprised as events develop.

there’s also this really neat residency program that i’d like to go too, but boy-howdy, it’s expensive, and there’s no way that i can afford $600-700 for it.  however, i thought that i’d leave it here if any of y’all were interested.

(and, i’ll leave my patreon here in case any of y’all might like to invest in my artistic future or just wanna support a weird like creator to do their thing.)


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