doodles and notes and commissions, oh my!

so–because i’m trying to scrape up enough dosh to (re-)rent my old studio space, i thought i’d remind y’all about commissions?  that commissions are a thing that i do?

and, patreon.  but, mostly commissions.

mind, i need to revamp my commissions page, but *insert flashy sign about commissions here*.

while i was playing catch-up listening to welcome to night vale for the wtnv meta column i write for The Rainbow Hub, i ended up doing some doodling, and i kinda think it’s important to show doodling?  especially when, as a visual-kineasthetic learner with fun-to-deal-with ADHD, this was basically how i managed to get through–bascially all of my schooling?

(plus, i’m kinda sickly, so i dunno if y’all are going to get a video this week?)

so–here’s some of my doodles:

okay, i’m going to go be miserable for awhile.


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