museum trips and other things

so, one of the newer things that we’re doing at The Rainbow Hub is that we’re covering ballets, operas, and art shows.

which means that i get paid to go to art shows now.

we’re also starting to do kinda features on artists, and i’m writing the first of the visual artist profile this week. \o/

(NB:  if you’re a visual artist or know a visual artist, send them my way, yeah?  i mean, we’re really trying to feature young, emerging, and/or unknown artists because–dammit–artists need more exposure.)

and, i kinda feel like this is some sort of fulfillment of the I HAVE CEASED TO BE AN ARTIST BECAUSE I AM NOW A CRITIC, so that meltdown’s impending.  good times.

(doodle of Agent Carter)

(i’m still taking commissions.)

however, as part of the covering art shows, i went to the green bay art colony’s not-really-but-implies-it 100 year anniversary not-retrospective, and because projecTransparency and y’all go with me everywhere, i snuck video.

because i’m naughty.

if y’all are interested in what i thought about the show–which, seriously, if y’all have been here any duration of time, y’all have a pretty good notion of what i thought about it–y’all can read my review over at The Rainbow Hub.

okay, i’m going to go do something like eat fruit salad.  (it has pomegranate in it.)


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