going to see Swan Lake today

AND, IT’S THE BOLSHOI PRODUCTION.  really, ya can’t get more premiere than that since swan lake premiered at the bolshoi in 1877.

these are the things that i do in pursuit of journalism.

and, it’s just really shiny.

also, so i don’t forget, THANK YOU, MICHELLE FOR BEING MY PATRON.  that is severely cool of you.

if y’all didn’t see it back in december, i reviewed the bolshoi’s the nutcracker too (which was excellent), and if the boss ever schedules the thing, i’ll have a review of the merry widow that was performed and produced by the met and had the renee fleming and nathan gunn as the main characters.

assuming, it ever gets scheduled.

so–when i haven’t been running around seeing operas and ballets, i’ve been going to art shows, and i’m going to have a review of the Wriston Gallery show (that’s really three conceptually connected exhibits) called wolf stories of wisconsin (the other two are continental drift and terraform).

i have pictures.  they might be illicit.  there wasn’t a sign.


but, all of this means that i’m not getting as much as my own art done as i’d like.  i mean, the photo-a-day is easy because it takes far less time, ya know?  (not that photography is easy just compared to sitting down and drawing–for me–photography is easier.)

so, i’m constantly behind on the sketch-a-day because it’s usually the last thing i do in a day, and because of all of my needy bebe!writers (and ensuring that my department puts out quality *sniffs*) and all the writing i do and the socmed at 6:45 every freakin’ morning and also scheduling articles a couple days a week, sometimes, i just have nothing left to offer once i get to that sketch.

…i might be getting a bit annoyed at this?


however, here is a lootcrate unboxing because i occasionally still do things that are fun and just for me:

there’s a 1up box unboxing coming along soon.  i filmed it last night.

i think the “state of the art world” video is getting put off again. i need time and a minion or a clone.

i also have to figure out when i can pick-up my work from the ARTgarage this week since it’s the last week of the POP! show.


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