just passing through

i cannot begin to express how ridiculously busy i am right now.  just–ALL THE BUSY.

and, i’m having a really bad flair right now too, so i’m fairly useless right now.

i missed des contes d’hoffmann this week because of this, and i’m so smad.

and, i’m constantly cheating on my art and sketch-a-day and photo-a-day and–RAGE.

but, ya know, this is what happens when you have new writers and new things that you’re covering and fluctuations and meetings, and i’m spent.

i’m not even kidding.  i filmed this at 7:45 this morning, and i’ve just found time to post it.  tada?

(i still have a 1up box unboxing to edit.  *cries*)

but–but!–i have put the down-payment on my studio.  i move back into it the first of march.  I SHALL HAVE MY STUDIO AGAIN.

finding the time and telling everyone to fuck off so that i can work is going to be the challenge.

okay, i still have more work to do tonight since i’m going to be out and about tomorrow and seeing the lovely ‘lain.


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