*tra lala la la*

i’m not sure i have anything exciting to talk about today–which is a lie because i always do–but i always seem to draw a blank once i get here.

and, i dunno if that’s because i spend basically all day every day writing, but that might be it.

i might actually have a daily word limit?  now, that’s a scary thought.


BUT!  i have actually implemented office hours for my Hub-writers so that i’m not working 12-18 hour days as much anymore. \o/

i have been doing some art things? but they’ve most been for The Rainbow Hub, like, review art shows and things of that nature.

well, and the sketch-a-day and photo-a-day projects, which–for some reason that i do not understand–this drawing has 105 notes on tumblr?  just–why?

i swear, i have ideas for pieces!  it’s just that i just instituted office hours on friday, so i dunno how that’s all going to work out yet?  so far, it’s okay, but monday’s are often kinda down days in the media department.

but, over the weekend, i did actually manage to film a new projecTransparency and edit a the shinies that’s been languishing on my memory card.

and, soon–SOON, I TELL YOU–i’ll be able to move back into my studio at the ARTgarage, so that’s something to look forward to.

of course, then i have to, like, make art again.  *PANICS*

okay, time to stop slagging about.


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