ugh, failwhale

okay, so, here’s the thing–i’ve been making videos and making (slowly) art and doing things, and because work and brain space and the general suckage which is a body that doesn’t work the way that i want it to, i haven’t been getting things posted the way i really, really want to:  not here, not patreon, not youtube, not redbubble–nowhere.

it’s very frustrating, so this is gonna be a kind big post.

i moved back into my studio at the ARTgarage, which i’m sharing with my friend ‘lain of function of form/all red wires (websites pending???).  that’s quite the adjustment and where a lot of my non-existent spare-time has been spent.

this also means that i’m doing gallery nite again (the next one is april 16th) as well as starting to submit to shows/fairs/artwalks (like definitely depere, which i need to send in, like, monday) because it’s art season again.

(evidently, i’m ludicrously out of practice???)

but, i’m also starting to transfer some of my sketches into actual paintings, so there’s that.

so, the 2015 sketch-a-day project is continuing apace and i generating some really interesting pieces.  my current favs are



but there are a lot that i like.  these are just the most recent.

i don’t even know what to say about the 2015 photo-a-day project, but it just keeps getting weirder and weird.




this might be what happens when you have a love of wind-up toys, too many funkos, and a tiny birdcage?  *whistles*

and, now, ALL THE VIDEOS.





and, i have two more that need to be edited in addition to posting all of these over on the projecTransparency tumblr.


there’s just so much to do all the time.  i’m up to alternating between five and seven writers that i edit, and ALL THE THINGS THAT I WRITE, and secret wars 2015 is coming up.

i’m going to die a horrible squid-death.



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