drive-by: it’s art fair season again. (so there’s a schedules of sorts.)

so, yeah, it’s time again for art fairs and things, and the first is gallery nite this thursday/tomorrow at the ARTgarage from 5-8(-ish) pm.

(i think i’m demo-ing pastel painting?  i’m still not sure.  i should make that decision, yeah?)

and, then wednesday next week, i’m going to be at the College of Menominee Nation’s Earth Day shindig.

i have new buttons?  made from my sketch-a-day project this year?  \o?

sketchaday 2015 buttons

i like them?  i think they’re cute?

but, i’m also having a thing where i’m drawing a complete blank about everything in the history of ever and need y’all to pitch-hit for me with suggestions because i have a show coming up in june, and I don’t know what to make for it.  like, i have the entirety of Glas and just–nothing.  i mean, i have a number of large paitings/mixed media 2-d pieces i can use, but mostly, i’m eep.

so–suggestions.  make them please.

and, have some lovely videos while you think:

okay, i still have a job of work to do for tomorrow as well as writing and editing to do today.


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