and, yeah, i realize that the first post i’ve done in forever being at almost 3(-ish)am my time is peculiar, but insomnia and depression do strange things to your brain.  *hands*

this post comes in five parts.

first part the first:  definitely depere starts this week, and I have been remiss in saying anything about it.

(my brain is/has been an unhappy, tumultuous place, and for some reason, art-related anything has been difficult for me to talk about?  idek.)

the dates and places are looking thus:

  • May 29th–Great Harvest Bread Company
  • June 12th–Great Harvest Bread Company
  • June 26th–La Vie Boheme
  • July 17th–Bilotti’s Pizza & Italian Garden
  • July 31st–Bilotti’s Pizza & Italian Garden
  • August 14th–Van Drisse Chiropractic

definitely depere has nice things to say about me?

Returning for a third year to the Downtown De Pere Art Walk series, ‘trie blasingame (Shawano, WI) of tentacle-made studios mixed media, sculpture and illustration are entirely unique and bring an unmatched level of texture and creative depth to our event.  blasingame’s work interrogates the arbitrary paradigms of so-called “high” and “low” culture through alterity while utilizing “craft” techniques and popular culture references to create hypervalent meta-texts.

which is–weird.  but much appreciated.

second part the second, i install new works at Glas in Shawano on Saturday, and here’s a little preview.

daredevil:  world on fire

saga:  yuma

sad!murder-clown (pagliacci)

this isn’t everything i’m installing–and i need to finish two pieces yet–but, ya know, a taste.

my show at Glas will but up through June and July.  exciting, yeah?

third part the third–with potentially subparts–i resigned from The Rainbow Hub last week.  right now, my body is rejecting the resignation, but it needed to be done for a variety of reasons.

now–the subparts (or subpart?)–should i keep reviewing and covering what i was covering before for The Rainbow Hub over here?

i lean towards yes, but please, feel free to chime in.

really, the reason why i haven’t been writing anything up this last week is because i’ve been in that post-job malaise that ends up with me reading everything i own plus the invariable re(re re re re re re re)reading of A Farm in Iowa (because, evidently, it’s my blue room and nap after a long and cranky day) and playing my ukelele and despairing at my inability to adult like other people adult and feel like a failure.  again.

(currently, i’m in the reading-everything-i-own portion of this ritual.  i just finished reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Hollow City in, like, two-and-a-half days.)

fourth part the fourth–because vintage Vlogbrothers is a thing–i’m thinking about picking up booktubing in earnest?  gnome and i are actually talking about doing a video about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Hollow City together in the next day or two, but first, i really need to edit the four videos on my camera and finish the two pieces i need to finish for my show at Glas.

(hint:  Mad Max:  Fury Road and Hannibal seem to be featuring in these pieces.)

fifth part the fifth.

since i’m now footloose and fancy-free–or is it feckless and fickle?–commissions are again a think i have time for if those are things that y’all would be interested in.  i’ll be re-evaluating all of that (prices et al.) here soon.

remember to leave your thoughts and comments.


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