sooooo, in case anyone missed it, i have new work up at Glas here in Shawano, which is very exciting.

and, because another local artist who’s on the Shawano Arts Council (which i obviously do not know what it’s actually called because ~fail~), i’ve been invited to participate in Miles of Art in October.

i might be hyperventilating right now?

but, that’s all a thing for another day.  i have a backlog of videos to share with y’all and some of my more favorite recent pieces, events, and an outline of things to come (maybe).

part one:  video backlog

part two:  favorite recent pieces

(because Carmilla season two started today)

(because Scarlet Witch–even with the Age of Ultron erasure of Wanda and Pietro’s Roma heritage)

(because i’ve just read ranson riggs Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Hollow City)

mad max: fury road (family portrait)

(because Mad Max:  Fury Road is brilliant)


(because Hannibal)

part three:  events

tentaclemade studios definitely depere cecaelia 720

gallery nite is also coming up on june 18th.

part four:  outline of things to come

so, yeah, with the not working for The Rainbow Hub, I’m kinda feeling writing bereft and am finally starting to feel like i might want to do some of that again?  i’m thinking that i’m going to continue to cover CarmillaOrphan Black (which i’m behind, yes, i know), Daredevil (i just have the finale to finish), the indie comics i was covering (i.e., FeathersThe Wicked + The DivineSagaSex CriminalsODY-CBitch Planet, and Pretty Deadly), Welcome to Night Vale meta, and i dunno what else yet.

gnome and i are planning some booktubing videos, so there’s that to look forward to?

if y’all have thoughts, let me know in the comments–or however the preferred method of communication for the social media platform on which you found this post, and–as always–liking, sharing, reblogging, commenting, or becoming a patron on Patreon is much appreciated.


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