Carmilla: 2.1 “Brave New World” Review

So, let’s hop into our Way Back Machine because I have to ask:  did The Day of the Triffids reenactment in Ep. 24 of season one mean that the Alchemy Department was working against the Dean and trying to preemptively stop the rise of a less-light-demon-more-the-bait of the ancient, angry Anglerfish God?

(Because anglerfish are kinda angry-looking by default.)

Who is currently kinda—stuck?  Trying to rise?  Because the Lystic Building was comparatively small?


But, Laura’s awed “You took on your mother; you took on a god.” is kinda the best illustration of Laura’s profound THING for Carmilla because, for Laura, Carmilla is the villain turned hero, a truly heroic Warrior Goddess (to Laura’s “wide-eyed maiden fair”).

Okay, so really, most of “Brave New World” consists of Laura playing recapper for us about their attempted escape across the Alps in the winter, which really doesn’t work well (especially when you come across a Cannabalistic Christmas Witch—MURDER HER FOR CHRISTMAS—as a Krampus substitute), and how the gang is back at Silas holing up in “swish new digs” that Carmilla claims really unbelievingly probably just housed “no one important.  Fellowship students or visiting professors.”

Yeah.  They’re going to have been the Dean’s quarters or Carmilla’s when she wasn’t out being bait.

And, can we talk about there being a requisite thunderstorm?  Because gothic.

(Also, I recognize that storm.  It’s a “white noise” option on Noisli.  *whistles*)

“Brave New World” is also a whole lot of Carmilla as the Professional Despoiler of Virtue (best title ever) trying to use her antiquated game on Laura.  Okay, not really.  Carmilla’s game is neither antiquated and there is no dubcon involved.  There’s just Laura and Carm  being disgustingly adorable with Laura trying to keep everything “PG-13.  How incredibly dull.” because Laura—AFTER ALL THE SHENANIGANS OF SEASON ONE—is recording a vlog.

Just, Laura—honey, sweety, my darling tiny gay princess—maybe not the smartest thing that you could be doing, yeah?

But—because part of the joke in this procession of adorable PDA is the constant interruptions and Doris Day Delayed Fuck—LAF APPEARS!!!  More-than-slightly horrified by Laura and Carmilla’s horrifying courtship rituals (and, probably, the aggressive snugglebunnies and lipsmashing—an oddity of the animal world), but LaF comes bearing updates!

Yay, LaF!

(I have missed my darling, nonbinary scientist-angel.)

Basically, no one’s been able to get into the Library for days, which is totally going to put a damper on the planning the gang’s very not Sound of Music escape across the Alps, so Perry’s gone to the student newspaper to try and get some info.

(Really, how long has the gang been gone from Silas?  It can’t have been too terribly long.  Has Laura called her dad yet?  And, how do all of these American kids end up at a school in Austria?)

There are also secret passages everywhere—because you can’t have a Gothic narrative without secret passages—that totally need to be boarded up despite their cool factor—LaF always prepares—and LaF has JP up on the Smart TV, which is fairly awesome.

LaF’s also been having a constant what-pronouns-do-I-use-if conversation with Perry, which is totally exactly what needs to happen.  Not the constant interrogations, but Perry working to understand and accept LaF.  Perry may not be doing it well, but she is doing it.

And, as annoying and invasive as the WHAT PRONOUNS DO I USE totally are—because, ffs, LaF’s already told you—Perry’s reaction and constant need to check is much closer to reality than not.

Oh, as they say, well.

There is something very nice about Laura and her “I still know how this story goes—” because Laura is—very much so—living in a fairytale of the most horrific sort, and of course, there should be a Happily Ever After in there, yeah?

Except that this isn’t the end.  It’s the beginning, and Perry interrupting the victorious snugglebunnies (already in-progress) in the quietest way possible and covered in blood is our actual introduction to the actual plot of the season.

WHY IS PERRY COVERED IN BLOOD?!?!?!  She was only at the student paper, right?

Image courtesy of Vergegirl TV

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