update and new projecTransparency

so, yeah, gallery nite is tomorrow, and i have things and a new table set-up (and a new banner), and assuming that definitely depere doesn’t get rained out again, i’ll be premiering my new tent next week.


i’m at a bar, so i’m not sure where they’re going to want me to set up?  i’m going by tomorrow to find out.  (yay.)

i’m still feeling miffed by Pagliacci the sad!Murder Clown being censored–especially since he’s literally no scarier than cartoons (particularly Looney Tunes~)–so the sad!Murder Clown is back home and hanging where Khoshekh usually hangs for the time being.

pagliacci the sad!murder-clown

i really think it’s more because the sad!Murder Clown is an indictment of the default kyriarchy that persists in opera–mostly due to the times in which the operas were written–as well as situating the viewer as on the receiving end of kyriarchical violence while invoking not-so-historical racism as presented and represented by the clownish-whiteface that mirrors certain racist organizations who’s preferred wardrobe are white sheets.

basically, sad!Murder Clown is supposed to make the viewer uncomfortable.

(of course–since i live in the back of beyond in a kinda tourist town–somebody was inevitably going to get their knickers in a twist and cite their kid as a reason to have it taken down.)

oh, as they say, well.  it means i’m officially an artist, yeah?  because can you really be an artist if your art hasn’t pissed someone off?


and, i’m really behind on the things that i was going to continue writing about because–well, i’m kinda on the down-slope of a really nasty anxiety-induced depression, so of course, any energy and motivation that i have is getting shunted into creating and designing for the art walks and gallery nites that i’m involved in.

honestly, creating a video this week was kinda amazing to happen (because i’ve been finishing another rewatch of Gilmore Girls–because woobie show is woobie–as well as a rewatch of Daria because nothing says disaffected depression like Daria Morgandorfer).

but, i have been watching hannibal and orphan black, and i totally mainlined sense8–so those are coming at some point.



i’ve also been doing some updating of my redbubble store–kinda slowly but yeah–so at least, i’m doing something?



okay, i’m gonna go do things like work my way up to taking things off of the table that i need for tomorrow night.


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