tentacle-made studios at La Vie Boheme tomorrow for Definitely DePere (5-8pm)

so–that’s unambiguous, right?

okay, that’s a picture from gallery nite last week, but y’all get the idea.

(things!  there are things!  and original art!  and prints!  and buttons!  and posters if you’re brave!)

idk, i’m just not feeling definitely depere (or really anything) right now.  it all just seems like wasted effort–but we soldier on, yeah?

so, last saturday, i went and spun at Hazelwood Historic House, which was weirdly reminiscent of my childhood growing up near Lincoln’s Home (with a parent that worked for the National Park Service), but part of it is because there’s talk of some sort of steampunk show/installation/takeover next year, and since i’m one of the (sometimes) steampunk artists in the area, i’m being considered for it, so some of the excursion was for inspiration and getting a feel for the place should the show come to pass.


i have the beginnings of some ideas?

it was nice of allison to match-make me with deirdra, and it was nice that i could extend that to zoe.  yay for artist connections/networking, yeah?

and, i’m working on a couple of new projects in addition to continuing the transference of my 2015 sketch-a-day series into paintings (because yes) and three more opera paintings planned (which i think is funny since i’m influenced a lot by Yoshitaka Amano and he used to do these “paper operas”).

i’m not going to say anything about the new projects because i’ve just started to think about how to make them work, and one of them is a very performative idea, which is going to require documentation more than final product and performance art is something that i don’t often get into, which i’m still trying to figure out the logistics of the other project idea and how it will translate to the gallery.

the eternal struggle.

all which i’m tearing apart and reorganizing/rearranging my home studio because i’m going to be in Miles of Art in October, and honestly, no one should be in my studio until it’s less of an epic wreck.  (it’s starting to be better, but it still have large sections to move around, and then, there’s all the fiddliness of finding homes for the bits and bobs~.)

oh, and there’s all the redbubble updating and the putting up of new work.

which means that i’m behind on all of the writing (and vidding and reading) that i have planned.

minions.  i need minions.

or, clones.

or, Pearl-projections.

off to do the work things some more.


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