tentacle-made studios at bilotti’s tomorrow (5-8pm) for definitely depere

yeah, i know, i’ve disappeared again and have only resurfaced to tell y’all where i’ll be for definitely depere, but some of it, this time, is me working on new pieces to premiere at bilotti’s for definitely depere tomorrow, and part of it’s been creating digital pieces to put up on my redbubble (and updating previous pieces for new products–which isn’t completed yet), and some of it has been due to working on a competition piece for brain mill press.

ya know, all things that will theoretically help me to pay my bills and buy more art supplies.

because my copics are all dying the death of the overused.

*casually plugs patreon and commissions (and donations) page*

(please note that i’m currently working on restructuring commission prices.)

but, yeah, i’ve been working on some mixed media galaxy pieces and digital galaxies as well as continuing along with my sketch-a-days.

"i have conversed with the spiritual sun."

and, i might have gotten slightly obsessed with steven universe and be in the midst of both a farscape and a teen wolf rewatch.  *hands*

(seriously, is it just me that luxans look like the unholy lovechild of an owl and a squid?)

i mean, there’s also the fact that i’ve been ridiculously ill because of my asthma as well as really bad migraines, and our internet has been a misery for a couple of weeks.  (they think it’s fixed now?  *knocks on wood-adjacent substances*

(i might have marathoned the witches of east end in here too.  such awful, fun trash.)

but, really, it’s been really difficult for me to do things, like, i’m really late in sending my nephew’s birthday present because i’m actually the worst.  (i do have it!  it just needs to be mailed.  tomorrow?)  i even have an unboxing video that’s been languishing for weeks because i just can’t.

a lot of it is my laptop, and  a lot of it is my physical, mental, and emotional state.


imma try and go do some more work.  come see me tomorrow.  i have art and maybe even some new pocket-plushies if i can get at the polyfill.


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