definitely depere art walk, redbubble, and other art-related shenanigans~

this post will be in six parts.

part the first:  the definitely depere art walk.  i’m a bilotti’s tomorrow night (7/31) from 5-8pm.

part the second:  i have some new swag of the accessory variety (i.e., poms and tassels).

i also have nifty galaxy mixed media watercolor paintings and fandom tote bags.

and, since i just de-installed from Glas, some of my smaller acrylic paintings are coming tomorrow too.  (we’re just gonna leave that as a surprise.)  which brings us too–

part the third:  the community calendar of tentacle-made events.  new quarter at the ARTgarage starts saturday, so there’s going to be a Meet The Artist opening, Gallery Nite is coming up in September, and Shawano County’s Miles of Art is coming up the first weekend of October.

…although, i’m currently confused about if i’m going to be in my studio at home or at woodland gallery, which is fine?  i guess?  except for the not telling me and the physical discomfort of FOURTEEN HOURS over two days spent in a space that is not my own and is not set up for me?  and installing my work in another artist’s space?

i thought the entire point was people getting a chance to see artists are work in their studios?  just—*headdesk*.

part the fourth:  redbubble.  i have been spending an inordinate amount of time arting, photoshoping, editing, and uploading, and updating my redbubble.  it has some good things in it, i think.


part the fifth:  videos.  okay, so projecTransparency has been woefully lacking in the art department of late.  i’m hoping that will change.  i do have a couple of new unboxing vids up, but i’m not going to link them.  y’all know where my youtube channel is by now, yeah?

part the sixth:  patreon and commission reminders.  my patreon exists, and i think the rewards are kinda nice?  i’m mean, i’m always working to make them better, but considering the patrons i have are friends of mine IRL who are basically punch-pleased to support me in anyway that they can, i don’t necessarily hear a whole lot back from them in regards to feedback.  additionally, i am continuing along the quest of revising my commission prices and offerings.  it’s just slow going~

and, a friendly reminder that i am an extremely poor artist that relies upon what i can sell, my patreon, and commissions to try to pay my bills, so do those things?

okay, i’m going to go fight with photoshop more.


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