the end of the art walk season and the possibility of nerdcon: stories

(re:  here is a more thorough presentation of information, likes, and reasonings because there is no such thing as overkill, there’s just enough kill.)

before i forget, there’s a meet the artist at the ARTgarage on thursday, august 20th from 5-8pm.  so, come a meet some artists?

so, as per usual, the definitely depere art walk ended not with a bang but with a wimper.

okay, there was some bang because storm but yeah.

there was also much shenanigans because, as much as the dd coordinators try and keep the cats in herd, that’s not a thing that really happens.

oh well.

so, nerdcon:  stories–WHICH I AM ATTENDING COME HELL OR HIGH WATER (mostly because i already have my tickets and hotel room *whistles*)–is the second weekend of october in minneapolis.  thursday, they sent out their exhibitor request information *handwaves* thingie, and because i really do occasionally suck it up and take chances and attempt to increase my horizons or whatever, i sent in an application (which isn’t so much an application as a letter of inquiry because it’s the first time nerdcon has existed?  maybe?).

now–the waiting.

but, i think i have a good chance because my art tells stories and relies on stories (yay conceptualism!).

i have a myriad of types of products and product prices from the $2 (3 for $5) fandom button

to the (fandom-adjacent) paintings

saga:  yuma

to illustration/graphic design

to typography

to original work

unnamed friends:  uni-bun

and let’s not forget little plush friends, handmade paper (that i often paint upon) and (blank) books, and artyarn.

i’m also a geek/dork/nerd trifecta with a tendency towards writing.  really, nerdcon is kinda a perfect fit for me.

and, i was feeling brave.

soooooo, now that i’ve have a justification of my existence, i also have miles of art coming up in october, but it looks like i’m going to be (or, at least, my art’s going to be) at woodland gallery.


i’ve also been updating and uploading things on redbubble, and i’ll be officially opening my storenvy in the next week since art walk season is over, and i am determined to finally finish restructuring my commissions, which segues nicely into this projecTransparency vlog i made talking about the trials and tribulations of being an artist.

(it’s long.  i’m sorry.)

okay, i have a bunch of work that i need to get to.


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