meet the artist, nerdcon: stories, storenvy, & #fanworkstaughtme

this blog (which is a lot of word and not a lot of image) comes in four parts–mostly because it’s tidy, and i’m ridiculously tired.

part the first:  meet the artist at the ARTgarage in Green Bay is tonight from 5-8pm.

be there; be the geometric shape of your choosing; watch me demo things; talk to all of us artists.

it’s a thing.

part the second:  nerdcon:  stories.


*proceeds to panic*

I’M SO EXCITED!  THERE ARE SO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE GOING TO BE THERE THAT I CAN’T EVEN.  the panic comes in–ASIDE FROM OMG EVERYONE’S GOING TO HATE WHAT I MAKE–because i’m not entirely certain what i should increase the amounts of that i already have and what new i should make.

and, i should do a con-exclusive, which i honestly think is going to be harry potter themed because harry potter.

(i wish i knew some people who had done cons.  like, redbird has, but it was kitsune kon several years ago?  and, redbird shared a table with three other people?  I’M BY MY LITTLE LONESOME–with assistive gnome.  if you’ve done the con thing before, and you have suggestions, leave me comments or send me an email, yeah?  I NEED IMPUT.)

part the third:  I NOW HAVE A STORENVY.

now, y’all can get swag directly from a squid.  (omg, i need to do a swiggity-swag the nightmare squid because i’m evil.)

but, yeah, paintings, buttons, swag bags (i.e., totes) are all up, and new things are being added everyday (because i believe in being thorough).

part the fourth:  #fanworkstaughtme & #fanworksarefairuse

my contribution to the Fan Works Are Fair Use campaign that The Organization for Transformative Works (the same people who bring us Archive of Our Own) and The Harry Potter Alliance (and a bunch of other people) are working on.

why don’t y’all tweet or vlog your own experiences with fandom and what fandom taught you using the hashtags #fanworkstaughtme and/or #fanworksarefairuse, yeah?

bonus:  i’m still working on revamping/revising the commissions page.  i know.  shocker.

bonus the second:  i’ve been adding more and more to my redbubble.

okay, photoshop is singing its siren song to me.


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