a kickstarter, a holiday show, and another year of nanowrimo

yep, that’s right.  i started a kickstarter campaign for an illustration chapbook:  tentacle-made:  the illustrations of ‘trie blasingame.

kickstarter illustration book

it took a lot to get me to the point where i thought that anyone might want a book of my illustrations (michelle excluded because michelle has been wanting this since about february last year.  bless.), but the overwhelming support i received exhibiting at nerdcon:  stories in october really caused me to feel like there might be an audience for something like this by me.

so, in a lot of ways, this project is very much a nerdfighter-encouraged project! \o/

(not that i actually am expecting to reach my goal the first time out.  IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF THAT HAPPENED.  but, i’m still not certain that i have a large enough audience to actually make my goal.  and, that would be okay too.  THIS IS A YEAR OF FIRST FOR ME.  and, a year in which i’m brave about my art-making.  so, yeah.)

my kickstarter campaign ends december 7th (i.e., in 30 days), and there’s all sorts of nifty backer incentives including copies of the book once it’s printed and original drawings and prints (and i’m totally the person who sneaks in extras because everyone is awesome and deserves a surprise).

but, that’s not all that’s going on in my life because the ARTgarage Holiday Show in Green Bay is in a week–the show itself continues through december 26th–and i’m behind in my swag production.  (surprise.)

okay, i’m not behind-behind.  i’m just–idk, feel like i’m behind, i guess.

i think it’s because there’s the holiday show on the 14th and then, on the 19th, is gallery nite, and i’m worried that i won’t have enough stuff for gallery nite after setting up for the holiday show (i need to order more button parts, like, now), which is ridiculous because i don’t need to have swag for gallery nite because my swag’ll be in the gallery already and wouldn’t it just be nice to have a gallery nite where i was just demo-ing instead of schilling?!?!?!?!?

ugh, my life.

(which reminds me that i need to send kim an idea for gallery nite…)

the holiday show is from 10-3 on the 14th, and i’m going to have buttons packs and handmade books and watercolor galaxies and pocket friends and flat friends and prints and original drawings (and probably some little illustrative paintings) and ALL THE THINGS.

(i just ordered some stickers from my redbubble, so i might even have like real, posh stickers.  *dusts shoulder*)

but, ya know, everything was complicated because there a new quarter started at the gallery at the same time that i’ve been preparing for the holiday show, which meant i needed a new piece (because i’m weird, and i don’t like to reuse pieces?).

s(emoitic)ympathies has been in my head for a while and is actually kind of the prototype of one of the pieces (in continuation) that i want to make for the quirky show…if any of us ever hear if we’ve been accepted or not.  (come on, steve.  get on that.)

i really like how it came out though.  it’s kinda–scary.  but, in that way that you wanna pet it and aren’t sure if you’d mind being eaten by it.   because it wouldn’t hurt.  not really.


*tra lala la la*

and, because when a thing happens all the things happen, this month is  also national novel writing month, which i‘ve participated in for the last seven years (plus, camp nano and script frenzy when it still existed), so i’m not going to at least try to nano with everything else going on (including an actual trip to indiana for a familial thanksgiving???????????).

but, this year, my procrastination is really getting wild because photoshop and sketch-a-day.

nanowrimo wallpaper

nanowrimo 2015 cover

yep, oc designs and nano word count calendars and novel covers, and if i’m really desperate, there’ll probably be nano videos (like last year).

okay, so tl;dr–support my kickstarter (if you’d like), come by the ARTgarage Holiday Show on the 14th (or the ARTgarage until december 26th) if you’d like to buy handmade for the holidays (from me amongst others), and nano is a thing that exists.

(and, there’s always my redbubble and my storenvy  and commissions if you don’t live in the area but still want tentacle-made swag for the holidays?)



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