time to play catch-up

first thing the first:  check out my shiny phone case that i designed.  *shines badge*  y’all can get one of your own on my redbubble.

second thing the second:  i am officially going to be at minnesota comic con.

how’s that for awesome?  (i’m not listed on the site yet, but this only happened a few days ago, so who knows how quickly they update?  especially right before federal holidays.)

and, i just applied for CONvergence (also in minnesota–is this a theme?)

other con applications i have out right now are c2e2 (?!?!?!?!?), anime milwaukee, and kitsune kon (in green bay so, ya know, home).

i was gonna apply for gencon, but holy fuck, it’s expensive like whoa.  so, no.

i’m also (theoretically) going to apply for acen and geekkon with hopes for apply to geekycon, but *hands*, it just depends what i can afford and what i can’t and that vicious thing of things.

third thing the third:  i totally owe y’all an actual video, which will probably be december because–

four thing the fourth:  i have been buried in prep and execution for the ARTgarage’s holiday shop, which, i have a bunch of stuff in, and like, i’ve actually sold things.

which is very weird,

mostly, it’s weird bc tAg’s default audience are not the kind of people that like what i create, but we’re starting to develop a younger audience.  they’re who’re buying my work.  and, i appreciate it a lot.

i appreciate it even more when i actually get to met them–as an artist, meeting people and being able to talk to them about my art, their art, art in general, or just, ya know, dresden files is really important because art doesn’t develop in a vacuum and that interaction let’s me know what other people are thinking and liking and wondering about.

it’s kinda like market research without, ya know, being awful, capitalist things.

(plus, super-cool party people are super-cool.)

and, at tAg, that kind of interaction happens at gallery nite, which was last friday, openings, and meet-the-artist events (we have one coming up in december!).

also, talking to y’all via the interwebs is nice too.  i’m on social media everywhere.  come talk to me!

fifth thing the fifth:  my kickstarter campaign is still going, so if you’d like to see a tentacle-made illustration book exist in the universe, y’all should head on over and back it.  there are a lot of different types of backing options, so ya know, even if you’re skint, there are still options for you.

kickstarter illustration book

(and, if i’m going to be at a con that you’re going to be at, it means that i’ll likely to have copies of the book with me, and you can get one even if you couldn’t via backing it!)

sixth thing the sixth:  a friendly reminder that i do take commissions, digital and traditional, as well as have a storenvy.

and, if y’all just wanna support weird little artist peoples making weird art, i have a patreon.

i’m also thinking about making some printables to go up on my rarely used etsy, so if that’s something any of y’all would be interested in, let me know what sorts of things make your hearts go pitter-pat.

tl;dr:  i’m going to be at more cons!  kickstarter!  buy things because they’re awesome!


BONUS!:  i have discovered the wonder of fright-mares, and nothing hurts.

i’m going to go work on my nano and fret about adulthood.

(i’ve been drawing my characters through nano, so there’s that.)



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