a little end-of-the-year round-up

with a little bit of holiday bonus! \o/

okay, sorta.


so, first thing the first, most recent video:

which is basically just me talking about cons i’ve applied to (and still not heard back from because–well, yeah.  it’s not unexpected considering the time of year, but most of them haven’t posted a YOU’LL KNOW BY date.  *hands*)

second thing the second, the ARTgarage is extending the Holiday Show into an end-of-the-year sale, so the Holiday Show’s going to be up until the end of december, which means that y’all–if you’re in the green bay area–can bag yourselves some post-holiday swag:  of mine, of other artists.

end of year sale

third thing the third, business taxes are dumb like whoa.

fourth thing the fourth, I HAVE NOW SEEN THE FORCE AWAKENS.

(i’m very excited by it; however, i need to see it again because ALL THE VERY, VERY SMALL KIDDOS WHO WERE MAKING IT DIFFICULT TO WATCH THE MOVIE.  honestly, it wasn’t entirely their fault because i was having a bad adhd day today too.)

s0–i’m basically going to be drawing star wars-adjacent things for a while.

(not that i wasn’t already.)

fifth thing the fifth, more holiday shenanigans~  (in case y’all haven’t been seeing my sketch-a-days, these are the holiday sketch-a-days.)

sixth thing the sixth, tentative plans for tentacle-made studios in the new year (which i talked a little about in the video, but let’s be honest, my vids are often off-the-cuff nonsense).

at the studio-level:

  • sketch-a-day 2016;
  • photo-a-day 2016 (subject specific);
  • more glitch art;
  • improving my digital art capacities (i.e., working on my proficiency with my new wacon tablet);
  • more consistent vlogging and blogging (because i’ve sucked out loud this year);
  • more encaustic work (because, omg, it’s like enameling sans fire and prolonged wait times);
  • always more conceptual pieces and paintings.

at the business-level:

  • INVENTORY.  a complete inventory.  *blech*  (it’ll help with next years taxes.);
  • more pieces available on redbubble;
  • actually putting things up in my etsy (like printables and things);
  • publicizing my storenvy more and having more things in it;
  • more awareness of my patreon (because i’m not sure people know that this option exists?  and, tbqh, unless you’re someone like jeff koons, you struggle finnacially as an artist.  you just do, and it sucks, and it happens because most people really can’t afford a $1000 painting or whatever.  but, something like patreon, where it’s possible to support an artist in just the littlest ways?  that’s kinda awesome.);
  • attempting to get my kickstarter funded after it failed this year (because i think it might have been the wrong time of year?  and, i think it may need a longer funding period?  maybe?)

and, of course, there’s making things for cons.

so, what do y’all think tentacle-made studios should do in the new year?  what sorts of things would y’all like to see more of?  just let me know in the comments.

happy whatever y’all celebrate and don’t let the new year get ya down.


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