a new year at tentacle-made studios!

potentially exciting things are happening here at tentacle-made studios in the new year!

(and, a freshly minted blog layout that only caused marginal annoyance–okay, a lot of freakin’ annoyance.)

recent changes in y’all’s tentacle-made handbooks:

i’ve recently tightened up some of the social media things (and added a few more) so that there’s a certain amount of branding consistency across social media.  it’s not perfect, but it’s probably the best that i can do unless i want to delete things and start over and–nope. so much nope.


  • instagram:  triesquid–>tentaclemadestudios
  • twitter:  triesquid–>tentaclemade


  • snapchat:  triesquid


  • tumblr:  tentaclemadestudios & projectransparency
  • facebook:  tentaclemadestudios
  • etsy:  tentaclemadestudios
  • patreon:  tentaclemadestudios
  • youtube:  triesquid
  • flickr:  triesquid
  • redbubble:  tentaclemade

​so, basically, i’m going to be tentaclemadestudios, tentaclemade, or triesquid everywhere but, ya know, clarity.

thing-a-day projects:so, for the last couple of years, i’ve been doing a sketch-a-day projects, and in 2015, i did a photo-a-day as well.  this year, i’m returning to a sketch-a-day and a photo-a-day–but with an added twist to the photo-a-day project:  a central subject.

namely, squishy.

weirdly, this focus is like returning to my late-and-unlamented webcomic quixotic or not–but in a way that’s much more conceptually cohesive and, well, just more interesting, tbqh. (especially since squishy is kind of a squid, and i prefer squid as my pronoun for reasons–although, they/them are just dandy too–which means that the adventures of squishy are reflecting my own adventures and becomes a method of self-portraiture in a metaphoric sense~)

so–follow the adventures of squishy this year?

additionally, i’m kind of adding a selfie/self-portrait-a-day thing i think?  because, really, i need to be less afraid of being on the other side of a camera.  (yep, that’s not going to happen, but as a conceptual project, a selfie-a-day becomes a method by which i document my own disabilities and health issues.  and, transparency in art-making and in my physical, mental, and emotional health and how it relates to my art-making process is really important i think.)

places and spaces to see tentacle-made studios this year:

i’m continuing on with the ARTgarage because i actually believe in their mission statement, and they’re getting so much better and closer to actually fulfilling it, so look for more specific dates for gallery nites and quarter openings.

  • 1/6:  affair of arts (i.e., like clue but with a central artist) at the ARTgarage from 5-8pm.  it’s catered and everything, so it’s going to be very posh. (maybe.)
  • 5/6-8:  minneapolis comic con

i know it doesn’t look like much at the moment, but i’m still waiting to hear about other cons and haven’t received the dates yet for the gallery nites for the year yet or the quarter openings (but, then again, we usually don’t receive those dates until alarmingly close to the actual even because planning is not always something tAg’s good at~)

tentacle-made art in your hot, little hands:

there are a whole slue of places where y’all can obtain your very own tentacle-made art!

  • redbubble:​  where you can purchase my designs on a multitude of products;
  • storenvy:  where you can purchase things made by me (like buttons and bags, plushies and prints);
  • etsy:  where you can purchase tentacle-made objects and art (which is currently empty but will soon not be empty).

or, if you have more of a philanthropist-bent, you can always support tentacle-made studios on patreon (for amazing prizes~).

or, if you’re wanting something more individuated, i do take commissions!

also–returning in march!–i’m going to attempt (again) to kickstarter an illustration chapbook.  (i’m actually considering binding them all by hand just because i think that might be more in keeping with my aesthetic?)

suggestions and prompts:

do y’all have suggestions for artists to look at, books/comics/poetry to read, or movies/tv to watch?  hit me with ’em!  i’m looking for suggestions.

and, prompts.  i’m really trying to expand my illustrative practice year, so send me prompts.  please.  on quixotism and curiosity, on tumblr, on twitter, on instagram!  DO THE THING.


  • changes/additions in social media:  there are a couple, but basically, if y’all look for me as tentaclemade, tentaclemade, or triesquid, y’all will find me;
  • thing-a-day projects:  sketch-a-day, photo-a-day (focusing on squishy), and selfie-a-day;
  • events:  mostly tba, but 1/6 is affair of arts and 5/6-8 is minneapolis comic con;
  • places to buy and support tentacle-made studios:  redbubble, storenvy, etsy, patreon, commissions, and–soon!–kickstarter;

okay, y’all.  have a good new year.


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