giveaways, new quarter, and general shenanigans

first thing the first:  i’m having a giveaway over on my tumblr.  fantastic prizes await the winner!  (or, something?)

yeah, there’s not going to be any enumeration in this post.  sorry-not-sorry.

so, i actually managed to vlog this week, and really, i think i’m having the same sorts of things in both?  idk, i’ve been having problems with insomnia and things, and it’s making everything a bit *handwaves*.

(it’s also not helping that i’m kinda being coerced into doing something that i really don’t want to do with people i kinda really don’t want to see or talk to right now~  all of it combined makes my head not really work the way i’d like it to.)


(that’s a miracle on the order of loaves and fishes, tbqh.)

in photo-a-day news, squishy has succeeded in finding a proper steed, and then, they went of and visited hoth.

and, i’ve drawn my new favorite sketch-a-day (because my favorite is always changing).  well, technically, my new favorite is a companion piece.

nuala and nuada from hellboy 2:  the golden army.  i think they turned out really well, and nuala is already available on my redbubble for sale.

i’m still trying to get new things up on my etsy and storenvy.  (it’s slow going.)

(i’m really kinda annoyed bc i need to get more copics, and blick is basically out, and michaels irl is an epic thing that usually ends in me screaming in frustration bc a.) they keep everything behind the counter so far away that you can’t see what anything is, and b.) they’ve really been cutting back on their selection.  *impotent flail*)

i have quarter take-down tomorrow and quarter set-up tuesday.  (or course, there’s supposed to be a snowpocalypse on tuesday.)  and, i still kinda don’t know what i’m going to display for the next quarter.  right now, i’m thinking kind of a weird mix-and-match (bc i have the huge back wall by the back door) that consists of

sad!murder-clown (pagliacci)

architecture (cavaleria rusticana)

and a little 4×4 grid of sketch-a-days, but that all seems like ti’s getting to be way too much stuff all at once?  (opinions?  LEAVE ME A COMMENT PLEASE.)

idk, i guess i can make a decision tomorrow when i go to uninstall.  i always forget how big a space that is until i’m faced with it.

and, lastly, i’ve obtained a few more books for the popsugar reading challenge!


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