february catch-up & a myriad of squishy

okay, not super-literally.  it’s more of a question before i start nuts-and-bolts-ing things:  would y’all be interested in being able to obtain your own squishy?

’cause, i thought i might have for sale on my storenvy, etsy, or at cons if that were a thing people would be interested in?

so, in the more important, more immediate sort of thing, i’m going to be at arti gras (at the shopko center in green bay, wi) tomorrow from 10-1:30 doing the arting thing at the ARTgarage booth–wherever that it in the thing.  there are several of us doing the art thing on these canvas bags that are then going to be raffled away to support the ARTgarage.

(remember, we’re a not-for-profit, so this is fundraising and charitable donation sorta territory.)

i mean, we’re going to have/be doing other things too, but the raffled bags are what i’m being brought in for.  and!  i’ve been working on tests and sketches so that things go more quickly and smoother.

but, they’ve kinda been evolving?

but, this one’s evolving into this–


so, yeah, everything’s still set like custard~

but, other event-wise, i’m going to be at gallery nite (at the ARTgarage) on april 21st, and then, may 6th-8th, i’m going to be at minnesota comic con.

it’s all very exciting.  (i’m still trying to decide if i want to do definitely depere this year?  i decided there were too many conflicts going on to do the broadway farmers market this year because gnome has a class that day, so i wouldn’t have any help or minions~)

i do, however, still need to make all the buttons and order more prints and corrected business cards and sort out print-presentation because, well, i’m not sure that the way that i’m doing it is best?  (if y’all have suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.)

alright, i’m behind on my drawings because reasons and need to do some final tests for tomorrow and try and do some work in my studio today.

first step:  not being in my jimjams~

remember that i have all sorts of support options if y’all would like to support tentacle-made studios (or just follow us on all the socmed):

places where y’all can follow tentacle-made studios:






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