minneapolis comic con is coming

and, it’s coming on may 6-8th.


although–RIGHT NOW–i’m on-hold on a live chat with overnight prints WAITING TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO TWO SETS OF MY PRINTS.  there is no chill, and i’m lowkey murderous because i’ve been on-hold a weirdly long time.  okay, so they were printing when i finally got a hold of someone.  (let’s hope that what i was told was accurate.)

and, this week–on thursday the 21st–i have gallery nite where i’ll be all tucked in at the ARTgarage.  i’ll have an abbreviated selection with me at gallery nite.

but--comic con.

so, i’ve decided upon my comic con exclusive print, which came friday, and it’s glorious.  it’s the pearl liberation polyptych.  (the background is a steven universe background i designed a while back.)


i’ll also have lady!george washington from hamilton and the heraldic four beasts of the further.  (all of which will be 8×11″; although, four beasts of the further is currently NOT HERE.)  there will also be new 6×4″ prints of super-villain!eliot in violet (also, ironically, missing), jellie!cecaelia, mamimi, parker, phasm, a lolita!pooka, ten, and tonks.

i’m lowkey excited about these new prints.

i’m finally starting to feel like the sketch-a-days are looking kinda like i want the to look.

(I’m also going to have the original illustrations of a lot of my 2015 and all of my 2016 sketch-a-days for sale at comic con.)

and–BECAUSE I’M AN ACTUAL MASOCHIST–i’m going to have (most) of the original sketch-a-days from 2014 for sale.

so, yeah.  i still have pocket-friends to finish stitching closed and sewing eyes on them, prints to bag (ALL THE PRINTS TO BAG), and tons of squishy to make, which means i should stop babbling at y’all and be a worky squid.


places where y’all can follow tentacle-made studios:

2 thoughts on “minneapolis comic con is coming

  1. Super cool meeting you and getting to chat about all the fun stuff you’ve made! Thanks for sharing your art with us!


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