just a drive-by~

bc the first art walk of the year is today!

i’ll be at xo fitness today from 5-8 with swag and art and swag.

of course, i have a bunch of things that aren’t ready for tonight but will be ready be ready for gallery nite at the ARTgarage next week (thursday, june 16th from 5-9).

say–like the swag in the featured image? *hint*

but–in other studio news–i’m submitting applications for st. norbert’s art/craft shindig on september 17th and depere’s art in the park july 9th.  all of of which is located on a shared calendar on the sidebar bc my schedule’s getting slightly out of hand~

i do, however, think that the progression of my ocs grey halkyon and eira tove are the most interesting thing that i’m doing at the moment.  there’s just–so much story to what’s going on in the drawings and the contextualization of them.

i legit already have my nano for this year.

okay, i still have prep for tonight (bc i’m an utter fail this week) and should get to it.


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