it’s time for another gallery nite

tomorrow is gallery nite at the ARTgarage (and, like, 14 other galleries/places that show art) from 5-9pm, and i have new things to offer–like the little mermaid pen bags.

and, the rest of these things.

so, yeah, little pen bags made from fabric with my illustrations (which is available on my spoonflower).  let me just say that sewing zippers kinda sucks out loud.

i also made some pillows because everyone needs cuddly pillow things.

(i kinda want some huge ones?  but, then, that would mean that i’d have to sew them myself.)

and, i’ve made the first of the extra, super-large pocket friends.  all fuzzy and cuddly and cute.

i dunno, i’m just weirdly pleased with all of these things.

so, yeah, new things, and they’ll end up being available at the events i’m doing this summer and on my storenvy and etsy.

come by the ARTgarage tomorrow and see me if y’all can.



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