less than a week away from kitsune kon

like, kitsune kon starts friday at 2pm.  i’m in booth N8. (i’m in sight-line of tasty peach studios! <3 )

and, i have new swag with which to tempt y’all:  11×14 posters *gestures emphatically at the featured image*, pillows, new buttons designs.  and, that’s in addition to all the things that i already carry.

so.  much.  swag.

seriously, check it out:



i might be very excited.

and, i’ll be taking commissions at kitsune kon too, so if there’s something that y’all are wanting that i don’t have pre-made, you can totally get a custom.  (like, if you need a holtzmann in your life bc i need all the holtzmann in my life.)

(by-the-by, kitsune kon’s probably going to be a good place to do the pokemon go thing too.  at least, i hope so.  i’m lowkey playing it.  tell me, do i really need to chose a team?  ’cause i don’t wanna.  *is resistant*)

and, because i actually do get things done aside from trying to corral the, like, 72 types of buttons i offer, I HAVE MY FIRST ILLUSTRATION BOOK UP ON LULU FOR PURCHASE.  i’ll also hopefully have physical copies available with me at wizard world chicago/rosemont, lion con, and nerdcon:  stories (which i am officially registered for, thank the think high atop the thing).

cover image

Y’ALL JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW EXCITING THIS IS FOR ME.  (and, how much time it took to do.  ugh.)

a glittering venery is 36 pages with 40+ illustrations that for a rough visual narrative that follows the adventures of grey halkyon (tengu/raven girl), the first unkindness of the court of miracles, and eira tove (hind/deer girl), parcel prima princeps of the court of dreams.  and, the think is, there’s probably several more collections of illustrations to come what with aedeir quille (cecaelia), persis gwyn (griffin), and leif ione (salamander) having made an appearance.

there’s a novel here too.  one that’s at least adjacently related to the artifact chronicles.

(paintings and iconography are coming into existence, and i think there may be a tarot deck able to be inspired by this because yes.)


although, i’m still trying to sort out what to do with previous conventions’ exclusives because i don’t just want to put them on double-super-secret sale and take a lose, but i also feel weird that they were the exclusive for a different con?  leave a comment if y’all have thoughts on this.



ps:  the tower of buttons spins now.


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