conlife and other metadata

so, i kinda have been in hibernation since kitsune kon because i’ve been prepping for wizard world chicago (re: rosemont) on the 18th.

and, the final depere art walk of the season which is this friday. (i’m at the abbey, btb.  y’all should come see me and my new swaggy print/banner display.)

i have new art up at the ARTgarage (which, evidently, one of the pieces got knocked off and needs to be repaired).

and, i’ve kinda not been making videos because my laptop kinda hates editing the video, and there’s only so much phone-vidding that one can dooooooooooooooooooo~ /o\

but, in regards to con prep, i have so much new stuff!

i have new 11×17″ posters, which i’m so excited about.

i mean, seriously, how can you not want your very own badass eleven?

and, if y’all haven’t watched stranger things yet, y’all really should. it’s excellent–okay, it has it’s problems, but story-wise and aesthetic-wise, it’s totally on point.

i kinda lowkey got sucked into pokemon go–and am living in the epic despair of niantic’s continuing screw ups in that regard–which made me feel like i needed to watch the show.  i’m, like, five episodes in, and i’m kinda??? probably because i was never ever their core demographic. (i keep having a YOU’RE ALL 10 YEARS OLD, WTAF ARE YOU DOING WANDERING THE WORLD ALONE??? makes for a frustrated viewing.)

to save my brain from oozing out my ears in frustration, i’ve also restarted digimon, which is going much quicker than pokemon. *hands* (i might also be having issues with the aesthetics of pokemon versus the aesthetics of digimon because digimon character designs seem much more complete and thought out than pokemon? also, all the nurses et al. being the same design seems kinda lazy? idk, i’m working on it.)

*segues back to con swag*

i also have copies of a glittering venery for sale (well, part of it), which came out really nice. (they’re also for sale in my lulu shop.)

cover image

and, so many 1″ buttons!


i mean, some of these are probably only funny to me?  but, i guess that’s what’s really important?

but, because i have kind of a long rest-of-the-year con schedule, here it is:

con schedule

okay, more things to do.


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