lion con’s this weekend (also the tale of the absent squid)

first thing the first:  LION CON’S THIS WEEKEND!!!

so, if you’re in the st. cloud area (or st. could adjacent), y’all should come by this new con and visit me (and the con because the con would be the thing that you came for, i’d just be incidental awesomeness).  *tra lala la la*

also, the tale of the absent squid from wizard world chicago (re:  rosemont):  the engine in my vehicle kinda–well–died.

technically, it was, like, half my engine, but yeah, that meant that i didn’t have a way to get to wizard world and still be able to assure that i could afford to fix my car/get a new vehicle so that gnome and i could do things, like, go to work and the grocer.

hence, absent squid.

but, since last wednesday (huh, it’s been a week.  wild.), we have secured a new vehicle (we named them miles gloriosus, “glory” for short *insert multiple nerd jokes here*) that actually had storage space in it and a hauling package, so the breadth and depth and variety of things that i could eventually bring to cons has greatly increased.  (we are discussing fixing ‘renn in the future.  maybe?)

so, yeah, tentacle-made studios is ready to go for lion con, and i’m super-sorry to everyone who was looking for me at wizard world chicago when i wasn’t there.  i had put my absence out on social media, but ya know, not everyone follows all my social media. (because why would you really?)

and, in ‘what i’m bring to con this week’ news, i made pokemon go buttons (because nerd).


i mean, this is in addition to the entire new line of 1″ buttons, the plethora of new 11″ x 17″ prints, my art book, and potentially new styles of pocket-friends and giant pocket-friends (because all i did yesterday what cut fabric and make my back hurt in new and interesting ways).

and, since lion con is ostensibly a gamer con, this week’s drawings are all game-related, which is fun since i’m super behind on basically all video games except avenger’s academyneko atsume, and pokemon go, so if you have games/characters from games that you’d like to see, leave me a comment, pm me, semaphore flag, et al., and i will see what i can do.


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