it’s time for another gallery nite (with a side of st. norbert’s art and craft show)

it is.  it’s totally that time for gallery nite, and as usual, i’m going to be at the ARTgarage from 5-9pm, and then–because my life is all sorts of exciting–i’m going to be at st. norbert’s art and craft show on saturday from 10am-5pm.

however, i’m going to have a truncated selection of my usual swag at the ARTgarage bc gallery nite is just too short an event to set up the epic display of epic-ness–especially since adding the larger-scale prints and the big hanging display thing–as shown from it’s first use at lion con, which, for a first time con, was an excellent con.

(the larger-scale prints and the big hanging display thing as shown from it’s first use at lion con, which, for a first time con, was an excellent con.  i participated in a live-stream podcast that was fun too.  y’all can watch it here or below.  start it at 2:01:18)

so, i’m just going to have buttons and illustrations and a few pillows–i think.  i will have some of my line-work sketches too.

(i’m still trying to sort out how i’m going to display them.)

however, I’ll have ALL THE THINGS at the st. norbert shindig.

btb, i’ll be in spot 13, which is either going to counter-act the entire mercury-in-retrograde fuckery that’s been going on (not that everything didn’t preceded it, but it’s always a good place to blame), or it’s going to exacerbate it.

ya know, whichever.

bc, seriously, the last, like, month has sucked out loud in a myriad of different ways starting with the engine-demise of ‘renn and the scrambling to find the money to get a new vehicle (glory’s working out well), but yeah, things just continue to be ridiculously horrible, which i’m sure no one really wants to hear about bc this is the internet and an art/studio blog and not a place to complain about ALL THE THINGS out loud.

but, i might just anyway.  or, at least, complain about the art-related parts of it bc i’m feeling really isolated as an artist right now and alienated from the local art community–some of which is because the local art community is weirdly incestuous due to so many of the actors within it grew up here and were educated/developed aesthetically here versus me who is from another state completely and whose art-training/development/education happened in vastly different places and spaces.  so, yeah, i don’t fit in so much here, and i don’t necessarily get on with some of the major players here either, which is a completely different problem.

then, let’s also throw in that i’m walking this weird line between participatory culture creator and conceptual artist that i don’t actually see a line between, but there is a line for people here.  or, rather, for some of the people there’s a line.

nevertheless, i’ve always been an outsider in the art community here, and i continue to be so, and it’s all complicated by the fact that i don’t feel like i’m doing well enough at being a con kid even though i know that logically i haven’t even been doing this a year, and there’s been this really amazing response to my work despite the fact that i feel like a lot of people at cons don’t necessarily get my work bc i do bring in so much of my conceptual practice into it (and my character designs are very abstract and minimalist and not always as recognizable as creators/artists who adhere to more formal notions of manga and anime aesthetics~).

so, yeah, i got a lot of existential things going on right now.


nerdcon: stories is coming up in october–yay!–and i’m thinking about the duo of dancing daikon as my nerdcon exclusive things.

what do y’all think?  ’cause i really like them.  they’re funny and colorful and weird.

(i’m still trying to get rid of the last year’s exclusives.  *SIGH*  i might not take them with me to nerdcon bc AWKWARD.)

the question is whether i’m going to get prints printed or not.

i leave y’all with a gudetama that sums up my current emotions.

(which i didn’t know that there was a gudetama falling off of toast when i drew this but okay.)


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