miles of art and other suspects

miles of art is, like, tomorrow, so yeah, i’m going to be at woodland studios all weekend with my art (and woodbody’s and ben’s), but if you’d like a preview (or if you can’t go), ben created one of those 360 not-video things of the exhibit.

it’s pretty swank.

and, on to other things!  including brown county library’s comic con.

*tra lala la la*

yep, y’all read that correctly.  the brown country library in green bay is having a comic conthe brown country library in green bay is having a comic con.  it’s only a one day shindig, but still, it’s kinda shiny that we’re having one.

and, i’m going to be vending at it because awesome.

it’s october 8th for any of y’all who are interested in a super-small, super-cute, super-awesome time.

(my friend carolyn did the graphic design for the thing and will be there for us all to wonder and gaze upon. <3)

it’s almost nearly time for nerdcon: stories!

although, apparently, we might not be getting a third year of it?  which sucks out loud.  from what i understood from hank’s video on the subject, there needs to be, like, 300 unexpected people show up?  (that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.)

but, the talking about failure is nice.  john does a really nice video about failing also.

(i’m still not making videos because reasons, but i’m hoping that will change soon?)

but, as y’all can see, my display and swag offerings have changed quite a bit.  (okay, i still have some of the old stock.  i’m hoping that will go away this time around; otherwise, i’m just going to have a sale and be done with it.)

i’m not really going to have a nerdcon exclusive this time (i’m honestly still lousy with plague doctors *hands*), but i am going to premiere something new:  the dancing daikon buttons.


ya never know, i might premiere other things too~

in studios-specific news, my studio is in a complete disarray (because it always is), but i’ve been doing cold wax work that i think has turned out really nicely.

i’m generally really pleased with them–especially the way that flax paper (with charcoal drawings on it) look on/incorporate into the cold wax.

i’ve also be expanding the courts of the glittering venery.  there’s now grey halkyon (tengu), eira tove (hind), persis gwyn (griffin), leif ione (salamander), aedeir quille (cecaelia), cassius (faun), mad march grey (pooka), and zoii blake (meliae–yes, i know that’s the plural).  the skulls, which are redcaps, now have names too:  otello, bob, harry, and murphy.

due to the illustrations, i’ve been getting a lot of questions about my drawing influences/how i explain my drawing, which i’m not quite ready to blather about yet, but i can say that my influences are largely manga/anime-related by illustrators like amano, kaori yuki, and matsuri akino, but there’s also  conceptual artists like aya kato, crayola simkins, camilla d’errico, and chiara bautista and visual aesthetics like hannibal, bitch planetpretty deadlythe wicked + the divine, ody-c, and basically anything from the met opera and the bolshoi ballet or the nyc ballet as well as narrative aesthetics like the raven cycle by maggie steinvater, crush by richard siken, and the little black book of stories by a.s. byatt.

so, there’s a beginning to that explanation?  maybe?

if y’all are in the area this weekend, come by woodland studio and see me!


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