brown county library comic con

i’m vending at brown county library comic con is this saturday from 10-4!

this is completely wacky and wild and should be a good time, and there are gonna be food trucks (the really good gyros are coming, omg), and there’s gonna be tabletop games and cosplaying and mario kart and local artists–yeah!

and, it’s free to attend!

y’all should come!  i’m going to have all the illustrations and buttons and swag that i can, and i might even sneak in some new button designs.

because, seriously, a glittering venery is getting completely out of hand.

in other news, nerdcon:  stories is coming up in a week, and i’m feeling kinda a million percent done with the thing because–well, because getting answers or assistance or anything is like pulling teeth this year, and it’s like even the people who are running it are just ready for nerdcon to no longer exist, which is sad because it’s a fun con.

but, whatever.

i uploaded a bunch of new designs to my redbubble this week, so swag is available to be had.

also, inktober is going a pace.  this year, i’m doing a witches prompt, which is kinda difficult to do without falling into stereotypes so–a challenge!

onward and courage!


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