nerdcon: stories & post-brown county library comic con


gnome and i leave tomorrow morning for load-in and set-up, and i’m having a bit of a THING because i always do~

but, before i do the talky-talky about nerdcon: stories, i wanted to thank everyone who came to the first annual brown country library comic con and thank the library for letting me participate!

it was an amazing con.  they were expecting, like 100 people and had something like 500 show up.  that’s pretty damn impressive for green bay.  but, i think that it’s so important that we have more of these small, regional cons because those of us out here in the provinces really start to feel like we’re  alienated from the rest of the world because participation in geek culture is so urban-based.

and, let’s face it, green bay’s a city, but it isn’t precisely urban.

so, thank you all again who came to the con, and thank all of you who bought my swag.  the library has already locked down dates for next year’s iteration, and i’m just all a squee.

really, this was an amazing con experience.

just, really, wow. <3


so, nerdcon: stories.  it’s happening.  it’s friday.  tickets are available at the door.

and, i’m just totally ready for it.

(okay, not really because i’m still trying to figure out what my table set-up is going to be, which is hella difficult until i’m there–especially with an independently run con like nerdcon because they don’t have the uber-organization of the cons run by, like, wizard world.  with a wizard world run con, a vendor receives, like, ALL THE SCHEMATICS, which is simultaneously restrictive and comforting.)

but, i’ve got all the swag going on and am premiering my dancing daikon buttons as well as (for only the second con) my mad march grey buttons.



i’m also going to have the last bits and pieces of the plague doctor buttons and prints, which were my nerdcon: stories exclusive last year, but i made WAY too many, so i’m still trying to be done with them.  help me out with that, yeah?  because, when they’re gone, they’re gonna be gone.


and, speaking of the last of things, i’m going to be retiring a number of other buttons and prints including the unnamed friends prints, the 2014-era sketch-a-day prints, the harry potter house mascot buttons, the marvel logo buttons, the cecaelia goddess, and the current steven and connie buttons, which will be replaced with newer designs when they’ve run out.


(there might be some others too?)

so, get them while you can?

okay, so i’ve still got to do things like–i dunno–pack, so i’m off to do the things.

see y’all friday!



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