post-nerdcon: stories check-in, pop culture con, and nanowrimo

hello, everyone!

i have finally emerged from my post-nerdcon: stories collapse!  (it involves living in a blanket-fort, being trapped by a very angry murder-machine, ordering supplies, and being super-behind in ALL THE THINGS, so it’s super-exciting but imperative because cons are a lot a lot of emotional labor as well as physical and mental labor.  my spoons:  they are few and far betweeeeeeeeeeeen.)

gentle reminder:  if y’all saw anything at nerdcon–or, really, any cons that y’all have attended that i’ve been at–that you have a MIGHTY NEED for and it’s not up on my storenvy or etsy, just send me an email, and i will ensure that your MIGHTY NEED is filled.

or, if you’ve found yourself needing one of my pieces as a shirt of something, let me know, and i can clean it up and post it to my redbubble.

i’m also going to be changing my patreon rewards up, so they’ll be coming down for a bit while i re-sort them.

now, to the actually important stuff!

first things the first, nerdcon: stories was excellent, and there is even noises that we might get a third one, so DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE.

(i love nerdcon: stories so much!  it was my first con where i vended, and it’s always such an amazing experience, and the people who run the convention center are always just the absolute best people.  GIVE ME ANOTHER NERDCON, HANK.)

but, really, everyone was awesome, and the feedback y’all gave me about my work just makes it so much easier to continue on.  i know it sounds dramatic and trite, but for creatives, feedback–both positive and critical–is so vitally important.  it helps to inform and shape our work, lets us know if what we’re trying to communicate is being received, and generally gives us the strength and energy to soldier on.

so, thank you all so very much, and please feel free to communicate with me via the comments on the blog or through my other various socmed (i.e., social media).

i do so enjoy chatting with people.

additionally–because nerdcon and nerdfighteria are awesome upon awesome–the lovely jamie lyn weigt wrote up a little review/\o/ thing about me and my (not enough) dragons.

jamie, if you’re reading this, I HAVE NO CLUE WHY THERE AREN’T MORE DRAGONS?!?!  i grew up reading tolkien and dragonlance, and flight of dragons is one of my favorite rankin/bass animated pieces–not to mention dragonslayer and any number of other dragon-oriented/inclusive media–but somehow, i am lacking in dragons.  I SHALL HAVE TO REMEDY THIS.


second thing the second, my next con–and my last con of the year–is chicago pop culture con in st. charles, il, which is wild because the company that runs this con is actually based out of shawano, wi (where i live), so they were all o.O about me showing up to drop off my forms in person at their office.  (i think they were kinda tickled too, like, LOOK!  THERE ARE NERDS IN THIS PLACE BESIDES US.)

but, because this con is taking place basically the weekend of turkey shenanigans in celebration of genocide and invasion thanksgiving, i’m not participating in the ARTgarage’s holiday show this year.  i will, however, be at the ARTgarage’s gallery nite on november 17th, so if y’all are green bay-adjacent, there will be one, last local event to see me and my swag before the holidays close over our heads.

(okay, so maybe i am being dramatic today?)


third thing the third, NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH IS ONLY A FEW DAYS AWAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

for those of you that don’t know, i’ve been participating in nanowrimo for the last–9 years?  10 years?  i’ve lost track in here somewhere.  nanowrimo says 8, but i think there’s a missing year there too.–and this year, i’m writing tales from the glittering venery: the courts of miracles, calamities, dreams, and nightmares, which my a glittering venery illustration series has been a preparation (however unintentional at the beginning) for.

a glittering venery actually exists within the same world as my previous/continuing nano novels zellandines’ museumhoodpreludestories from the north woods, and more stories from the north woods; it’s just finally really delving into the supernatural horror/urban fantasy parts of it from the perspective of the denizens of the venery, some of whom have appeared as side characters in other novels.

so, yeah, i’m hoping to post bits and pieces of tales from the glittering venery throughout november on my a glittering venery imzy, my a glittering venery tumblr, and on my studio tumblr–and maybe even turn it into an actual, finished novel rather than have it moldering in editing hell for the rest of forever. (maybe, i’ll even have a set of short stories done and bound and ready for the next nerdcon???????  it’s a long-shot hope, but long shots are the best shots.)

but, please feel free to writing buddy me on the nanowrimo site!

now, i must-needs catch up on my sketch-a-days because there’s no way that i can mentally and emotionally handle being behind during november.



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2 thoughts on “post-nerdcon: stories check-in, pop culture con, and nanowrimo

  1. Hi ‘Tris! Great write up, and I wish you all the best of luck on NaNoWriMo. I’ve done it twice and been terrible at it… I considered trying again this year, but right now I’m still focused on my “daily” (eep) blog so maybe next year.

    You had plenty of dragons, by the way, and the one in this post is pretty amazing too! I don’t know if I did my best pimping work on the post where I featured your art, I wasn’t feeling my best, but I’m doing an entire NerdCon: Stories 2016 write up at the end of the month and I promise to re-feature you there because you totally deserve it. It was my first NerdCon, and I’m with you, I certainly hope it wasn’t the last!

    On a side note, I’m originally from Appleton, tho I’ve bee here in the Twin Cities for 10 years now, so it was trippy finding out you’re right in NE WI! My whole family is still there, so I’ll see if anyone can get to ARTgarage to see you. :) Take care!

    Jamie Lyn Weigt | Writing Dragons Blog


    1. hey jamie–

      that is kinda wild! i’m actually from central illinois originally, but my partner is a born and bred wisconsinite (manitowoc and green bay but did their ba at lawrence university). if anyone would like to come to this shindig–or any of our others, we do a number of things a year including four gallery nites–have them say hi! i always enjoy meeting new people!

      the write-up was lovely, but i totally understand the “ugh, tired” post-con low. and, a daily blog is just–yeah, your commitment to sparkle motion is confirmed. (i was teasing a bit with my lack of dragons, but i am kinda o.O about why there aren’t more???)

      i do encourage trying nano again! even with the daily blog, you can always integrate that into the writing (because no one ever has ever done anything like this before for a nano *whistles*). nano is one of those things that, even if you don’t “win”, you still had however many words you wrote more than you did before, and that’s, sometimes, more than enough of a success! /gets off of my nano soapbox.

      i hope that we can meet again (preferably at nerdcon 2017!!!).


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