welcome to a new year at tentacle-made studios!

for those of you just joining the show, i’m your host ‘trie (sounds like “tree”), and i’m a mixed media, conceptual artist and writer who has recently become a con-kid/exhibitor, doesn’t like capitalization, and lives in the backwoods of wisconsin.

which makes being a con-kid and an artist a little bit difficult.

at least the trees recognize me as one of their own.


i’m also multifandom, multishipper trash, so if you make the decision to follow any of my non-wordpress socmed, i guess you’ve been warned?  maybe?

do people need warning for this sort of thing anymore?


(i like capslock.)

but, for those of you that are new to this corner of the internet, tentacle-made studios is the name of my studio(s) practice and is not actually a hentai reference; although, tentacles do have a tendency to show up in my work because cephalopods are awesome, and Lovecraft has infected the cultural consciousness to a terrifying degree.  (good on him.)

tentacle-made studios is a play on the idea of “handmade”, but since my nickname is “squid” and squids have tentacles, it made more sense to have a handmade studio be a tentacle-made studio, and since i have a home studio and a studio at a local community arts center *insert name check for the ARTgarage here*, the studio needed to be plural.


plus, it sounds better, and i am a writer after all.

and, that’s another thing i guess i should mention because it’s going to come up at some point and forewarned is forearmed and all that jazz:  i’m, like, super queer.

i’m genderqueer, aromantic, pansexual (with super heavy demi tendencies that end up causing me to lean towards grey-ace


really, none of that should make a difference because people are people are people, but there are people in the world who think that people like me shouldn’t exist/shouldn’t be allowed to exist, and–guess what–i exist and am not going to apologize about that.  i will, however, give those people warning so that they can show themselves out.  *gestures at the metaphorical door*

and, evidently, i’m feeling a little combative this morning.  yay, feisty.

so, really, what i was going to chat about today–ya know, aside from apparently my overall queerness and the origin of my studio name–was kinda rounding out the one-a-day projects from last year (because they’re finally freakin’ done, yay) and laying out this year’s one-a-day projects.

let’s go.

nb:  these things that look like they’re just images coming up?  are actually slideshows.  y’all just need to hover your cursor over the thing to see the slideshow arrows.  use them in good healthy.

selfie-a-day 2016:

let’s put it this way, i don’t like my picture take at the best of times, and there are never best times.  2016 was the year that i decided that i needed to like myself a little better–or, at least, come to terms with the flesh vessel i’m stuck with.  three hundred and sixty-six selfies and only a handful did i actually like.  it was a good thing for me to do, but unless i’m doing something really conceptual, i don’t think i’m doing this again.  (so.  much.  stress.)

photo-a-day 2016:

i really enjoy photography, and i really enjoy my little amigurumi squishy (because “squishy” is both a singular and a plural because i’m weird).  so, i figured since i was planning on a photo-a-day anyway, i might as well document the adventures of squishy.  (there might have been some elf-on-the-shelf backlash going on in my head here because i really, really, really don’t like the surveillance aspects of the elf-on-the-shelf mythos, but i do like the idea of the “secret life of toys” sorta thing.)  it was fun and interesting, and squishy got into all sorts of shenanigans.  i may come back to this as a one-a-day project sometime in the future, but for now, i think we’re going to go the quality versus quantity route with the further adventures of squishy.

sketch-a-day 2016:

sketch-a-day was the first thing that i really did as a one-a-day because, while i’m an artist, my training is really primarily in sculpture and 3-d art, and i wanted to become a more proficient drawer/illustrator and develop a more individuated style rather than the “i’ve taken all the requisite drawing classes in art school” kind of aesthetic.

that was in 2014.

by the first couple of months of 2015, i had found the aesthetic that i was looking for.

by the middle of 2016, i have found a glittering venery and the seeds of a novel.

by the end of 2016, i was creating more intricate, more conceptually driven illustrations and exploring figure interaction and positioning.  (some of this is critical role‘s fault, but that’s okay too.)

practice makes better, and doing a sketch-a-day project has made me a better artist.

it’s made me more fearless with my creations, and that’s an important part of the creative process that i think a lot of us forget:  not everything is going to be the best or the most amazing thing, but everything is a place from which to learn and grow.

which sounds completely hokey, but yeah, it’s freakin’ hokey.

i also completed my–9th?  10th?–nanowrimo, which was tales from the glittering venery, excerpts of which are available on my imzy.

so, for 2017, i’m cutting down on one-a-day projects, but i’m also kinda–upping the difficulty level?  because, while i’m continuing on with the traditional medium sketch-a-day, i’m also going to be trying for a digital sketch-a-day, which is going to be difficult for me because i’m not terribly comfortable as a digital illustrator, but back in 2014, i wasn’t a comfortable illustrator at all so hey.

i’m also going to try to do more writing–a little writing-a-day.  mind, i’m already behind because of reasons, but yeah, let’s do some writing every day.

and, while we’re in the entire “what i’m doing with my life this year” part of the conversation, here are the 2017 cons that i have been accepted for:

  • anime milkwaukee 2.17-19
  • plattecon 3.3-5
  • egocon 3.25
  • odyssey con 4.28-30

there are likely more coming, but applying is an ongoing process–which is stressful in its own right–but keep tuned for updates in that regard.

so, i’m off to continue the great and terrible studio reorganization and do worky-work things like taxes. *blech*


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