#AMKE is a week away, or i multi-classed in panicking

so, yeah, anime milwaukee is literally seven days away, and i am in an epic panic because, ya know, i’m a panicky little squid.

(some of this might be because matt mercer, marisha ray, laura bailey, and travis willingham from critical role are guesting at AMKE?  so, i might get to meet them?)


i’m also premiering three new 11×17″ prints (gilmore, kaylie, and percy), 1″ alignment buttons, and–assuming that i can get the images cleaned up–2″ vox machina buttons (vex, vax, grog, pike, scanlan, percy, keyleth, tiberius, and the dungeon master).

how i’m going to fit these all on my button-tower, i’ve yet to figure it out.  really, i’m not sure how i’m doing much of anything at this point.

this is what happens in the early stages of my panic.  i have a good old fashioned scream into the void, and then i figure out what the fuck i’m going to do and get this fuckery done.

but, seriously, folks, i really do love these illustrations:

(the prints came out a bit darker than i had intended, but i think that it might actually work too?  *hands*)

i’m also thinking about running a weekend long print sale on some of my older prints because, well, older prints and room for new stock and so forth.  thoughts?

i was also accepted for two more cons today?  \o/  so, my 2017 con schedule currently looks something like this at the moment:

  • anime milkwaukee 2.17-19
  • plattecon 3.3-5
  • egocon 3.25
  • odyssey con 4.28-30
  • kitsune kon 7.14-16
  • lion con 9.2-3

and, i’m in the Art in Circles Show at the ARTgarage this month.

we also started a new quarter, and my piece is a huge political piece, which is weird for me because i’m usually not overtly political in my art.  i mean, yeah, it’s there, but it’s usually buried a bit further down in the thing.

but, ya know, i may have committed to the thing.  because, have y’all seen what the actual hell is going on in this country?!?

they’re going to be going up on redbubble soon.  i have a mighty need, and y’all might have a mighty need too.

and, ya know, here are my thing-a-days for this year:

digital sketch-a-day 2017

sketch-a-day 2017

i’m gonna go edit more images because this is just my favorite thing to do in the history of ever.

*dies from sarcasm poisoning*



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