drive-by: leaving for #AMKE

so, i’m heading out to AMKE in, like, an hour.

i’m going to be vending in the artist alley in booth E2, so y’all should stop by and see me.

*quietly freaks the fuck out*

if you haven’t seen (or guessed from the image above), i’m premiering some new buttons at AMKE:  alignment buttons because yes, protest buttons because hell yes, and critical role buttons because omgomgit’ssogood.

so, you’ll be able to find those with me this weekend as well as some new full color illustrations, three new 11×17″ prints, and a whole mess of weird sketches and illustrations.  these sketches and illustrations are especially for those of you who’ve really enjoyed the basically-line-drawing-with-occasional-touches-of-color sketch-a-days i’ve been making of late.

(remember, this is a slideshow.)

now, i didn’t bag-and-board all of them, but i have the sketchbook with me so that, if you have a mighty need for something that i didn’t bag, they’re available.

i’m also running a illustration, print, and button sale this weekend too.  not everything is on sale, but a lot are.  they’re marked with red dots so that they’re easily distinguished.  (well, the illustrations are in a “sale” section because that’s what i decided in my sleep-deprived state.)

if you’re missing me at AMKE, there are a number of other cons that you can see me at:

plattecon 3.3-5
egocon 3.25
odyssey con 4.28-30
animinnieapolis 5.26-28
kitsune kon 7.14-16
lion con 9.2-3

(this list is an ever-evolving list that doesn’t include my green bay-adjacent shows like mardi gras at the ARTgarage on 2.25.)

okay.  i’ll see y’all this weekend.  hopefully, i won’t implode from the excitement, but ya know, i might.

be safe, darlings.


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